Food / April 6, 2021

Cuan open a sister cafe in Dublin 7

Food / April 6, 2021

Cuan open a sister cafe in Dublin 7

“We are busting to get open”

Joining the ranks of Vegan Sandwich company, Third Space, Proper Order, that endeavor to fill the population of Smithfield’s seemingly insatiable demand for sandwiches of all varieties, is Cuan. Cuan Belfast already has a cult following up in the North, largely due to its barbeque and burger offerings.

Married pair Barbara and JP Whearty have launched Cuan Belfast’s cross-border counterpart in Smithfield square, on April 4th.

The menu does seem to have been informed by Cuan Belfast, with an emphasis on their signature Kirks Home Bakery subs like The Boss made of slow-cooked tomato ragu, hand-rolled chili fennel Buchanans farm pork meatballs and melted mozzarella, the Short-Rib Sub made of cold-smoked, slow-braised short rib fried on the flattop with red onion, cheddar, finished with mustard, pickles, and rocket.

There’s also The Ultimate Fry which they have spent “almost three years perfecting” made of a big plate of Buchanan’s farm bacon and sausages, black pudding, soda and potato, sage butter mushrooms, roasted vine tomatoes, and fried eggs. It’s a pretty hefty menu, which also includes a pretty decent veggie selection.
Their Instagram bio reads that they are “#farmtofork” and “#sustainablefood” and looking at their stockists they do seem to be using a lot of Irish suppliers.

Pre-Covid Cuan’s Belfast counterpart operated as an event space with a strong emphasis on community, something that the team is keen to replicate in their new venture. “Community to us is the hello how are you & the what are you at today & sure isn’t the weather lovely as you order. It’s remembering the names & particular fixes of regulars, learning those of new customers soon to be regulars. It’s the day after day of life shared as coffee brews, food cooks & conversation flows,” representatives from Cuan wrote on Instagram.

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