General News / June 11, 2020

‘Dancer From the Dance’ festival is bringing Irish dance enthusiasts together online

General News / June 11, 2020

‘Dancer From the Dance’ festival is bringing Irish dance enthusiasts together online

Morgan Bullock, the Irish dancer that went viral with her Tik Tok video to Meg Thee Stallion’s ‘Savage’ is part of the online edition of the dance festival.

John Scott’s ‘Dancer From the Dance’ festival was due to take place over five days, amidst uncertainty caused by the pandemic he’s moved the festival online. In a time where the perception of Irishness is evolving and against the backdrop of the growing Black Lives Matter movement, he’s invited Irish and Irish identifying choreographers and dancers from four corners of the globe to share their works online. 

Running from June 29-July 3, the festival recognises the need for social and physical distancing whilst giving the artists all a platform to showcase their work. ‘Dancer From The Dance’ continues imdt’s adventurous programming with the support of performing artists and is part of an effort by arts organisations all over the world to help ensure the future of the arts and artists. 22 choreographers are creating original live dances to perform for a camera using social distancing. 

John Scott says that, “As an Irish choreographer, born, living and working in Ireland, who looks outwards, I am gathering together choreographers with Irish identities who cross national borders, practices, ethnicities and generations:  four from the US, two from Nigeria, eighteen from Ireland. In this era of growing racism, I want to expand the received perception of Irishness and a contemporary Irish dancing body. I want Irish choreographers to talk together, share together. The current  COVID-19 Pandemic movement/travel restrictions, will not stop us, rather from our isolated places, we are  growing closer together as an online artistic community without borders”.

The Line Up:

Morgan Bullock (USA)

Aoife McAtamney (IRE)

Isabella Oberlander ( Austria-IRE)

Justine Doswell (IRE)

Junk Ensemble (IRE) – Film

Muirne Bloomer (IRE) 

Emma O’ Kane (IRE) 

Ruairí Ò’Donnabháin (IRE)

Liam O Scanláin (IRE)

Nic Gareiss (USA)

Sean Curran (USA)

David Bolger/CoisCeim Dance Theatre (IRE)

John Scott (IRE)

Laura Murphy (IRE)

Fearghus O’ Conchúir (IRE)

Darrah Carr (USA)

Mufutau Yusuf (IRE)

Eileen McClory/Off the Rails Dance (NI)

Sibéal Davitt (USA/IRE)

Jeanine Durning (USA)

Alex O’Neill (IRE)

Tobi Omotesu (IRE)

The Festival will be Livestreamed and broadcast on Facebook live, YouTube Live.

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