/ October 31, 2023

Viral Deep Fake Steals Bella Hadid’s Likeness For Pro-Israel Video

Credit: @bellahadid Instagram
/ October 31, 2023

Viral Deep Fake Steals Bella Hadid’s Likeness For Pro-Israel Video

Text: Izzy Copestake

The Supermodel has shown solidarity with Palestine, her father’s homeland, for years.

An AI-generated deep fake video which appears to show Bella Hadid apologising for her pro-Palestinian views and supporting Israel has received over 11 million views on Twitter (X).

Hadid, who is of Palestinian origin, has attended pro-Palestine marches and advocated against the violence that has been occurring in Gaza on her 60 million follower-strong Instagram account. Her sister Gigi Hadid was recently criticised by the Israeli government for standing with Palestine after the Hamas attacks.


In a statement released via her Instagram 5 days ago, Bella revealed that she is sent ‘hundreds of death threats daily’ and had her phone number leaked due to the support she has shown for Palestinians in Gaza.

The deep fake video of the supermodel is just the tip of the iceberg in the spread of pro-Israel misinformation and the censorship of those raising awareness about the murder of Palestinian civilians. Recently, Instagram inserted ‘terrorist’ into Palestinian’s Instagram bios, and removed @eyes.on.palestine large account sharing first-hand information about what’s been happening on the ground.

Four days ago, Israel cut off Palestine’s internet and power, causing a blackout and millions of civilians getting cut off from the rest of the world during the war.

Yesterday, the Gaza Health Ministry reported that the Palestinian death toll has surpassed 8,000 – most of which were civilians. Over 3,400 children have been killed in the last three weeks by Israeli airstrikes, the UN has called for a ceasefire as ‘a matter of life or death’.

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