Music / August 22, 2022

Denise Chaila turns Limerick into Middle Earth for her RPG inspired show

Denise Chaila, Photo Credit: George Voronov
Music / August 22, 2022

Denise Chaila turns Limerick into Middle Earth for her RPG inspired show

Words: Ciarán Howley

They’re taking the hobbits to Limerick

Denise Chaila performed in Limerick at King John’s Castle on Saturday for what was to be a night in the shire like no other. The Irish rapper performed her largest headline show on the grounds of King John’s Castle an 800 year old castle in the city’s mediaeval quarter.

The Limerick rapper revealed on her Twitter that she had reached out to Limerick city officials to encourage an ‘RPG’ themed dress code. ‘RPG’ stands for role-playing game, where players are encouraged to create their own characters and abilities, most notably Dungeons and Dragons.

Many fans turned up in their very best smocks, girdles and chain mail to see Chaila perform. Opening the show were Dundalk R&B outfit Negro Impacto, Dublin electronic duo Le Boom and, fittingly, the viral mediaeval rap sensation Beedle the Bardcore. 

For those unfamiliar with bardcore as a subgenre, it essentially takes modern music and “ye-oldifies” it. Beedle the Bardcore’s medieval mixtapes remixing artists like Eminem, 50 Cent and Kanye West. You can almost picture yourself hitting up the local tavern and sculling a few pints of mead while you’re at it. 

Also performing at the event was Limerick poet and writer William Keohane. Keohane has been making waves with his poetry that documents his experiences as a trans man and his transition. His 52 poem sequence ‘Boxing Day’ has been performed at the Museum of Literature Ireland, Trinity College and the Ulster Museum.

Chaila has been throwing down the gauntlet for some time, appearing in the ‘Anseo’ video while dressed in full chain mail. On Saturday she donned a leather one-piece with armoured shoulder pads, knight’s riding boots and at one point a flower crown, making her the King of the Castle for the night.

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