General News / November 28, 2019

Dublin skate publication Goblin Magazine launching Issue 2 this weekend

General News / November 28, 2019

Dublin skate publication Goblin Magazine launching Issue 2 this weekend

The Goblin Magazine crew are launching issue 2 in Hen’s Teeth this Saturday.

Goblin Magazine has grown from strength to strength in recent times. Their goal of bringing different communities together to celebrate the Irish skate scene is coming to fruition, as they prepare to celebrate their latest endeavour.

They successfully released the first edition of their magazine and are now hosting a launch event for the second instalment. The night will feature video premieres from Goblin Magazine, ICYP, Ministry of Sleep and others, promising to be an action packed evening in Hen’s Teeth.

The latest issue touches on areas of mental health and lifestyle choices while focusing on how gentrification is affecting Ireland’s culture and heritage and how skateboarding can bridge gaps left in communities.

Speaking to Kurb Junki ahead of the event he noted, “Gentrification affects skateboarding culture because skateboarders interact with and adapt to the changes that take place in a city.”

“This is in relation to skate blockers on spots, security guards making a spot harder to skate and new spots being created. This topic affects everybody in Dublin more than ever right now and it felt essential to discuss it in Issue 2.”

With an increasing amount of ideas and pictures being submitted, the new issue is packed with interviews, articles and photography that connect with Irish skateboarding.

The anonymous figure continued to say, “We have learned a lot over the year. This time around we’ve had a lot more people submitting content so we have been focusing our energy on higher quality content.”

“I’ve also curated an art section called ‘Atelier Kurb Junki’ which includes pieces from over 30 artists. There is a QR code printed in the magazine which gives the reader access to a piss take, pretentious audio guide of the art section which acts as an illustrated art gallery tour. I think this kind of thing makes the magazine more than just a printed piece and it is something we would like to expand on in the future.”

The emphasis of being more than a print magazine is echoed when talking about the importance of community in the skate scene.

These events are the heart of Goblin Magazine,” he said.

“It is important for us to bring the skateboarding community together but it is just as important to make our events accessible to people who don’t know much about skateboarding, we want to share skateboarding culture with everybody while also giving them a great night and a great magazine to take home!”

The event kicks off at 17.00, finishing at 22.00 on Saturday 30 November at Hen’s Teeth. Mischief will be supplying food throughout the night.

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