Counter Culture / July 22, 2022

Emporium detail their new pop-up and collab with SOIN

'Support Your Local Dealer Tee'
Counter Culture / July 22, 2022

Emporium detail their new pop-up and collab with SOIN

Words: Ciarán Howley

Happening this Saturday at Jin-G, Mary St.

Dublin streetwear label Emporium are hosting a pop up event at street-boutique Jin-G this Saturday. The event, entitled ‘So-International’ takes place from 11.00 until 19.00 and will see the launch of a graphic tee with Luxembourg designers SOIN.

While the designs are brand-new, this collaboration has been a long time in the making, according to Emporium. Founded in 2018 by Charlie Proctor Quigley and Robbie Fidgeon, the new collab came about via a chance encounter with a member of Fidgeon’s basketball team at Trinity College. Around the same time the duo were creating Emporium, Fidgeon’s teammate mentioned a friend also developing a streetwear label; Soin, of Luxembourg.

“We were on the same path, starting streetwear brands in small countries with growing scenes. We’ve kept tabs on each other since and have been internet friends for about three years.

We still haven’t met in person, so this pop-up is actually our first time meeting in person! The design is centred around our cultures shared love for social beers, having a good time with friends and the drunken mishaps that make memories.”

With the slogan ‘International Cheers Over Friendly Beers’, the t-shirt comes in white with white type and blue graphics or in black with green type and orange graphics, a fun nod to the colours of each label’s home countries.

“It was super seamless design wise too, we both knew what elements we wanted to bring to the table in terms of design and the story we wanted to tell with the graphic.”

Launching in 2018, Emporium were early to the party and found an audience with tongue-in-cheek tees like ‘Support Your Local Dealer’ and their distinctive graphics. Collections are produced on a seasonal basis and often take inspiration from street culture as well as vintage and 90s graphics.

Emporium and SOIN fans will get a chance to get their hands on the new t-shirt and more this Saturday 22 at Jin-G Mary St.

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