Music / September 7, 2022

Every artist featured on hip-hop compilation This Way Vol.1

This Way Volume 1
Music / September 7, 2022

Every artist featured on hip-hop compilation This Way Vol.1

Ciarán Howley

The Temple Bar record label are releasing a compilation album featuring some of the biggest names in Irish hip-hop including Negro Impacto, Curtisy and more.

All City have announced the release of a new compilation album ‘This Way set to be released on October 3 2022. The album, which will be available digitally and on vinyl, came about in response to the growth of Ireland’s hip-hop scene, according to producer and DJ Peter Curtin.

“There’s just so much great music coming out of the country from emerging artists at the minute and it deserves to have as large a spotlight as possible shone on it. I’m always trying to do that through my radio shows on RTÉ 2XM and Worldwide FM and this compilation hopefully will help bring the music further afield.”

Artists like Negro Impacto, Brick Nasty, Curtisy and many more have contributed tracks to the album which Curtin had the arduous task of cutting from 20 to 13. The focus remained on the jazz, hip-hop and soul by new independent, D.I.Y. artists that has been gaining traction in recent years.

“In time also, I think it will be great that there will be a physical document of this period which hopefully will provide an accurate snapshot of the DIY scene that was happening in Ireland in 2022 just like compilations such as  ‘Just For Kicks’, Hip City Boogaloo and Stock ‘N Trade for instance did in Ireland in the 80s.”

To celebrate the release All City will be hosting a launch party at Bello Bar with performances from Curtisy, Ahmed with Love, Negro Impacto, Cooks But We’re Chefs and Peter Curtin from 19.00.

“This Way is a 13-track compilation of discovery of those sounds and hopes to preserve these moments in music. Irish neo-soul, jazz, fusion and rap all in one place, artists doing it for themselves, their way…This Way.”

Check out the track list below.

  1. Papa Romeo – Yellow Magic Orchestra
  2. Curtisy x Ahmed, with Love x Rory Sweeney – Men on a Mission
  3. Chameleon ft. Lucy McWilliams
  4. Negro Impacto – Lockdown Syndrome
  5. Hazey Haze fr Krome & Amp
  6. De Carteret & Squid Ethics – LuvSeat
  7. Camiii – R1D3
  8. 1000 Beasts ft Célia Tiab – NYCBB
  9. Bricknasty – Icarus Bootleg
  10. Aby Coulibaly – Chamomile Tea
  11. Cooks But We’re Chefs – Kodama
  12. DeepintheWoods66 ft. Karen Hammond
  13. Louise Gaffney – Not Even Here

This Way Volume 1 arrives on October 3rd but you can pre-order here.

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