Food / June 10, 2021

Everything we know about D-8TE: Dublin’s most hyped outdoor food experience

Food / June 10, 2021

Everything we know about D-8TE: Dublin’s most hyped outdoor food experience

Words: Emily Mullen

Some Dublin culinary OG’s have resurfaced alongside fresh exciting new ventures all hosted out of Roe & Co’s distillery in Dublin 8

In the blink of an eye, Dublin has become an outdoor dining city. Roads previously clogged up with parked cars and traffic have been reclaimed by pedestrians. Local businesses have rolled out the proverbial red carpet, lining up hoardings, placing neat rows of tables and chairs out, stationing staff with eagle eyes to distinguish between amblers and potential punters. We are all on the move, on the move for outdoor food, and Dublin restaurants are obliging. One of the cities most hyped openings of the last while has to be D-8TE, a collaboration between Roe & Co distillery and six Dublin restaurants. Here’s all we know about one of the city’s most exciting Summer openings:

What is it?

It’s an outdoor food experience, where you can eat a tasting menu from one of six Dublin restaurants. Each restaurant has a run of two long weekends at D-8TE before it is turned over to the next restaurant. People can book tickets to a specific restaurant based on the dates they will be there.

Where is it?

D-8TE is operating out of Roe & Co Distillery’s Cocktail Village, which can be found in 92 James’s Street, Dublin 8.

When is it open?

D-8TE is open between June 10th and August 29th, from Thursday to Sunday, with sittings from 5.30pm on weekdays and earlier on weekends.

What restaurants are involved?

Spitalfields, Pickle, Bahay, Nightmarket, Matsu Ramen and Lil Portie.

How do I know what to pick?

Since each restaurant has a two-week run and given the rate that the tickets have been snapped up so far, it does seem to be a case of grabbing whatever tickets you can get. The great thing about D-8TE is the sheer diversity of food on offer, so any tickets you’ve managed to grab are bound to be good. There’s some Dublin-OG’s that have resurfaced alongside fresh exciting new ventures. The Michelin Bib Gourmand 2021 winner Spitalfields will be offering a modern Irish picnic, Pickle headed up by multi-award-winning chef Sunil Ghai will be offering a menu of regional Indian dishes, Riggz Castillo’s Bahay will be bringing bold zingy Filipino flavours with dishes like Inihaw na Manok and longginsa hotdog, Nightmarket will be laying out a spread of regional Thai food, while Matsu Ramen’s Ken Komatsu is set to serve up the very best sushi moriawase and most flavoursome ramen, finally Nico Reynold’s Lil Portie is back serving up his Caribbean menu with a Latin twist.

Spitalfields set menu

What dates are each restaurants open?

Spitalfields are open from 10 – 13 June and 17 – 20 June, Pickle from 24 – 27 June and 01 – 04 July, Bahey 8 – 11 July and 15 – 18 July, Nightmarket 22 – 25 July and 29 – 1 August, Matsu Ramen 5 – 8 August and 12 – 15 August and Lil Portie 19 – 22 August and 26 – 29 August.

How much is it?

It’s €40 per person for set food menu.

What is the drink situation?

There’s an optional cocktail pairing for €30, the cocktail menu will be curated by Roe & Co to perfectly pair alongside each dish.

Are there any veggie options?

While there are some veggie options available, since it’s a set menu it depends on the specific restaurants whether they can accommodate each dietary requirement. D-8TE do encourage customers to inform them when booking, at that point further clarity can be given.

Pickle set menu

Can you just drink there?

No, there’s no drinks only service, alcohol must be had with food.

How can you book?

Reservations for Spitalfields and Pickle are now open on the Roe & Co website, bookings for July and August will be released at a later date, updates will be announced on their Instagram.

What’s the cancellation policy?

You can cancel free of charge up to 24 hours ahead of your booking. After that, cancellations are €25 per person to cover our food partners.

Are there any bookings left?

Spaces are pretty limited, best of checking the D-8TE website. It’s a manual booking system so set yourself out some time to check!

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