General News / August 31, 2021

Everything we know about the easing of gig restrictions

General News / August 31, 2021

Everything we know about the easing of gig restrictions

Words: Emily Mullen

Live events can return from next week

The Government have announced an easing of restrictions, which sees a near-complete return to normality on October 22. As part of this announcement, Taoiseach Micheál Martin revealed a roadmap for a return to indoor and outdoor live music and entertainment events. In his address to the nation speech on August 31, the Taoiseach urged the public to apply their “judgement” and deploy a sense of “personal responsibility” with regard to the virus. Here’s all we know about the return of live music:

Will venues be full?

The capacity of the gig changes on whether it is taking place indoors or outdoors. From September 6, indoor events will operate at 60% with vaccinated crowds, while outdoor events can operate at 75% for vaccinated attendees. From October 22, these capacity restrictions will be removed and venues will return to full capacity.

How long will this reduced capacity go on for?

Contingent on the rates of hospitalisations and Covid numbers, the remaining restrictions on capacity, social distancing at indoor and outdoor events are expected to be scrapped from October 22. This is a key date in the reopening road map which will see, the last remaining restrictions eased.

When will gigs take place?

Technically gigs can take place from as early as next week, with restrictions easing from September 6. Obviously, organisers will need time to plan, promote and organise events.

Do you need to be vaccinated to go to a gig?

From September 6, attendees will be expected to show their EU Vaccine Passports in order to attend gigs. From October 22, there will be no requirement for vaccine passes for indoor hospitality or events.

Will you still need to wear a mask?

There has been no explicit direction on this, although the requirements for mask-wearing in an outdoor and private setting will be removed from October 22.

What time will gigs be over at?

There has been no explicit direction over the end of events, but pub there has been no change to pub opening hours. They are expected to close at 11.30pm until mid-October when the situation will be reviewed further.

Haven’t there already been gigs taking place?

There have been a number of pilot gigs and festivals taking place over the Summer. These had been done on a trial basis, with a number of measures in place including mask-wearing, social distancing and reduced capacity.

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