Music / May 13, 2021

First Listen: Wastefellow breathes new life into Scattered Ashes’ ‘Love Is Not An Option’

Scattered Ashes
Music / May 13, 2021

First Listen: Wastefellow breathes new life into Scattered Ashes’ ‘Love Is Not An Option’

Words: Dylan Murphy

Ahead of their new EP Dublin post-punk outfit Scattered Ashes have invited Soft Boy Records producer Wastefellow for an expansive remix of their single ‘Love is Not An Option’.

In the absence of live shows, Dublin four-piece Scattered Ashes have been working tirelessly and embracing a number of the exciting developments emerging from Ireland’s bubbling music scene.

It’s no secret that the post-punk revival is well and truly underway, with the likes of Fontaines D.C, The Murder Capital and Enola Gay leading the charge at home. Meanwhile, as a number of DIY collectives and artists undertake genre-bending collaborations in search of experimentation it’s resulting in a wave of music unconcerned with commercial standards and trends.

Always keen to take the road less travelled Scattered Ashes have invited Dublin producer Wastefellow for a warped and cereberal remix of their single ‘Love Is Not An Option’.

Featuring a bone-shaking bassline and the kind of soundscape to lose yourself to, it’s a contradictory peak hours club hit dripping in both euphoria and loss.

It lands ahead of the full Parallel Lines EP on Friday 14 May and its accompanying vinyl release.

Where did the inspiration for the track come from?
‘Love Is Not An Option‘ was one of the first songs we wrote together as a group, it developed from this really intense driving bassline Tom had on loop, to which Ben and myself added increasingly more frenzied guitar parts over. The track instantly had this dark subterranean feel to it, I was listening to a lot of Bauhaus at the time and I think you can hear that.

Lyrically, the track came from my musings on a failed relationship, and the distance you put between yourself and someone you once loved. It’s hard to shake a memory off, and sometimes it’s easier to just be a pessimist about the whole thing.

How did the collaboration come about?
We had the Parallel Lines EP in the works for a while but we knew we needed an extra track and thought a collaboration would be a fun thing to do. I was always a fan of Wastefellow’s, ever since he released Wonder years back but I couldn’t get over his latest single ‘Fizzy Lifting Drinks‘ and thought he’d be the perfect fit to take ‘Love Is Not An Option‘ even further. I knew him vaguely from college but had no idea if he’d be up for it, delighted when he said yes! My only requirement was to ‘Make it dark!’

What did Wastefellow bring to the table with the remix?
He made it into a club banger! It’s sounding big and wavey. We’re huge fans of a lot of Warp and R&S stuff so his slightly leftfield take on it was right up our street. It goes from sinister to euphoric in places. He created this pummelling bassline that absolutely dominates the new mix, and his augmentation of our guitars is a stroke of genius. He managed to create a completely new vision for the track.

Listen to Scattered Ashes ‘Love Is Not An Option (Wastefellow’s Love Hangover Mix)‘ below:

Parallel Lines EP drops Friday 14 May, pre-save it here. Pre-order the project on vinyl here.

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