Entertainment / March 1, 2021

Five times the 2021 Golden Globes felt like a work zoom call

Entertainment / March 1, 2021

Five times the 2021 Golden Globes felt like a work zoom call

Words: Emily Mullen

“Is this on?”

While many may balk at the concept of a “virtual” Golden Globes, the award ceremony which was streamed last night, was certainly a well-needed diversion.

Beloved by viewers and Twitter users alike, the awards’ typical red carpet fails, missteps and gaffs were all in attendance at the 78th edition of the awards. But this year’s Golden Globes had its own set of uniquely 2021 problems, which are not unlike some of the issues faced in a (now) typical working day. Aside from a handful that presented live, nominees and attendees logged in from their living rooms and hotel suites and streamed the awards, just like the rest of us. As with all virtual undertakings, problems arose, and below are some of the ways in which the 2021 Golden Globes was not unlike your run-of-the-mill zoom meeting: 

1. Someone is on mute

During his acceptance speech for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture Daniel Kaluuya’s audio failed. For an awkward few seconds, the audience watches as Kaluuya speaks but no sound is heard. The award presenter Laura Dern apologizes for the “bad connection” and we can only assume that Kaluuya logged out and logged back in, as he was able to salvage his acceptance speech. Kaluuya can be heard asking the ubiquitous WFH refrains of “is this on?” and “can you hear me?” while attempting to establish a solid internet connection.

2. A pet appears on screen


While Best Director Nominee Regina King was chatting to co host and This Is Us actress Susan Kelechi Watson, her dog Cornbread can be seen wandering on screen and plonking down on his dog bed. Now described online as the “Golden Globes MVP” the dog took its sweet time getting comfy, blissfully unaware that his owner (dressed in a Louis Vuitton gown) was conducting a pre-show interview.

3. Someone potentially falls asleep

While the concept of Al Pacino joining a virtual awards ceremony is a lot for some to wrap their heads around in the first place. One eagle-eyed viewer caught the 80-year-old taking a potential nap during the ceremony, or could it be a very long blink? Either way in an award ceremony that typically lasts around the three hour mark, if Al Pacino wants to take a nap or a very long blink, let him.

4. Someone takes a mistimed drink

It’s Murphy’s law that when you attempt to quench your thirst you will be called on to speak in a zoom call. In an interview after her Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Drama Series win Emma Corrin took a quick sip from her glass, seconds after being called on to speak. Luckily a disembodied hand was on site to take the glass away from the surprised looking actress. 

5. Someone struggles to get into frame

While most work calls don’t include a large tulle gown, they do sometimes include a difficulty getting into frame. During her interview after her Best Performance by an Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture win, Rosamund Pike required some help to fit into the screen. “Maybe I can come towards them?” Pike asks, after eventually arranging herself in the frame.  


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