General News / June 11, 2019

For Those I Love of Burnt Out shares solo project

General News / June 11, 2019

For Those I Love of Burnt Out shares solo project

“Talking tunes and poems with too much weight for our age…”


‘For Those I Love’ is the the self-titled debut album by one member of bands Burnt Out, Mothers & Fathers and others. It’s no secret that Burnt Out are one of our favourite groups to emerge from Ireland in recent years. Their influence has been criminally overlooked, with artists like Paul Alwright and Kojaque trying to remedy that by shouting out them (and particularly the late Paul Curran) on recent projects.

Their music and visuals depict a dark Dublin, featuring landscapes and people destroyed by trauma.

For Those I Love says that his offshoot project was “originally undertaken as a message to closest friends and family of the artist”, however the project took a tragic turn mid way through the writing process with the passing of their best friend and creative partner.

The nine-track release deals directly with the loss, “along with it’s wider implications”.

“The societal harms that lead our young people into vulnerable states. The traps set by class and outlook, and the path of self destruction we often walk in the wake of tragic loss. Ultimately, the album deals with love. The love of family and friends as they rebuild each other together through this journey, always coloured by a shared history, full of stories and loved memory.”

The following was attached with a press release.

“As a creative whose greatest relationships are those also tied to the art, much of my life has been self archived. The bedrock of this album is built upon samples of our Whatsapp recordings, our interviews, our video footage and our old music.

“The question of why is scattered across not just the 9 songs, but the release itself.

“Why share this album now? The truth is that at times, the art and each other is all we had.

“Our identities so entrenched by what we created.

“How else do you honour and thank an artist? But with the art itself.

“For you, brother.”

Check it out in full below.