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Music / August 13, 2021

Frank Zing share head-nodding ‘Summer Lovers’

credit: Zoe Ardiff
Music / August 13, 2021

Frank Zing share head-nodding ‘Summer Lovers’

Words: Dylan Murphy

Rob De Boer and Chris Wong have joined forces as Frank Zing and ahead of a larger project, they’ve shared their first sun-kissed single.

Lockdown numero uno seems a lifetime ago and in the face of the impending chaos, we all found our own ways to deal with it. Rob De Boer and Chris Wong had been frequenting Ireland’s festival circuit before ‘socially distanced’ entered the collective lexicon and when shows came to a halt they headed out west with a close group of friends to a makeshift studio.

With the Atlantic Ocean in their peripheral, they began writing songs for what eventually would become Frank Zing.

Drawing influence from the rich and euphoric textures of Jungle and the cool breezy jazz-pop of The Neptunes, the pair quickly developed a sound they felt at home with.

Summer Lovers’ is the first of a number of forthcoming singles and sees the duo weave delicate falsetto through a myriad of sounds that nod to their shared love of jazz, hip hop and electronic sounds. Co-produced and mixed by Belfast based Brién of Soft Boy Records, it’s a strong statement of intent from a pair only getting started.

Listen to ‘Summer Lovers’ below:

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