Entertainment / March 3, 2021

Genuine celebrity lookalikes that you can hire from legitimate agencies

Entertainment / March 3, 2021

Genuine celebrity lookalikes that you can hire from legitimate agencies

By Emily Mullen

A great gift for all the family

The entire concept of a lookalike is an interesting one. Paying hundreds (sometimes thousands) of euros to spend time with someone who vaguely looks like a celebrity is a questionable concept. But as attested by a large number of lookalike agencies and the people who look vaguely like other people on their books, there is some value in it. Anyway here is a collection of the best (and by best we mean worst) lookalikes for hire:


Daniel Craig


With just the suit on his back and a stirred not shaken drink in his hand this lookalike can embody the mind and spirit of Daniel Craig in any range of 007 films. Complete with his “Licence to Kill” this Bond can “mix and mingle or meet and greet at any event” for only £577 plus travel expenses.


Phillip Schofield


SICK of being stopped in the local supermarket and asked if he was ITV’s This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield, Paul decided to take things into his own hands and monetise the hell out of it. Described by Costello Entertainments as “more than just a vacant lookalike” Paul can play the part and can interact with guests and audiences when required.


Rory McIlroy


Damien is not just a Rory McIlroy lookalike, he also surprisingly enough wears golf clothes, carries a golf bag around, and even plays the sport. Always happy to “hit a few balls if required” for the fans, his Costello Entertainments profile boasts that he has a mean handicap (the parallels just don’t stop).


Prince Harry


“People are always telling Rhys he’s a Prince Harry Lookalike whenever he’s out on the streets and are forever doing double takes, strolling around can be an interesting experience!” reads Rhys’s profile on Costello Entertainments. Luckily for fans, Rhys is available to book with one of the several Meghan Markle Lookalikes available.


George Clooney


Gary Tate has been impersonating actor George Clooney for over 24 years. According to his LinkedIn, this likeness has brought him to many countries across the world. After years of searching, Tate has finally found his lookalike, Amal Cooney, funnily enough they are both available for appearances together (bonus picture below).


Leonardo DiCaprio


The portly Russian Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike Roman Burtsev was quick to capitalize on his slight resemblance to the Hollywood actor, by starring in a local vodka ad. The rest of the time Burtsev parodies the actor on Instagram by dressing up as various characters played by DiCaprio in films such as Titanic and The Revenant.


Buddy the Elf


What’s not to love, it’s a middle-aged man dressed as Buddy the Elf, complete with an authentic-ish-looking outfit. As you can see from the impersonaters expression, it’s the perfect gift for Christmas 2021.


Kamala Harris


Naturally, a lookalike for Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris would be wearing a bedazzled Christmas jumper that says “Merry Chic-mas..!”. The picture which definitely wasn’t taken at a family Christmas gathering really shows the woman’s likeness for Harris.


Joe Biden


One look at this man’s stately stance and you just know that he is a political leader. The American flag pin really is unnecessary, because he is obviously the President of the United States Joe Biden, and not some friend of your Da’s.

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