General News / September 24, 2019

Get to know: Bone Slim

General News / September 24, 2019

Get to know: Bone Slim

The man behind the mask; Bone Slim reveals his inspirations and who he is listening to right now 


‘Get to know’ is the essential series introducing your future favourite artists. Providing snappy conversations to familiarise yourself with exciting up and comers, it’ll give you a brief insight into their inspirations, tastes, guilty pleasures and hopefully encourage you to dig into their tunes.  


This week we spoke briefly to NiNE8 Collective’s Bone Slim off the back of his EP ‘ifiwas2015′. The masked MC is quickly gaining notoriety among underground hip hop fans through his compelling story-telling and no holds barred style of rap. The spitter likes to keep it quick and concise and didn’t mince his words when speaking about his guilty pleasures, bandit lifestyle and hopes for the new EP. 


What’s the inspiration behind the mask? 

Witch doctors. 


Who were your early inspirations when you first got into music? 

Jehst, Dillon brent and Bashy. 


What album are you listening to right now? 

Lava La Rue – Stitches. 


One thing people don’t know about you? 

I write songs I don’t just rap. 


How would you describe your music to someone that hasn’t listened before? 

Sonic junky riddims. 


Musical guilty pleasure? 

80s synths. 


You’ve just dropped ‘ifiwas2015′ what are your hopes for it? 

To go back in time and fix where I went wrong. 


Outside of music what do you spend your time doing? 

Being a bandit and cutting wig tops. 


In your opinion why is NiNE8 resonating with people so much? 

Cause we are real and not made up. We really been doing this for a minute. 


What can we expect from the rest of 2019? 

More 2015