General News / October 24, 2019

Get to know: p-rallel

General News / October 24, 2019

Get to know: p-rallel

DJing for Zach Fox, drawing influence from Soundcloud and touring with slowthai.

You may have seen his name on the billing for slowthai‘s European tour, his work with Lord Apex or listened to his monthly NTS show. London producer P-rallel is steadily building a reputation as one of the best producers in the capital’s underground scene. Working alongside his Elevation/Meditation crew, there is currently a definite buzz surrounding the young production maestro’s work.

We caught up with P-rallel to talk drawing influence from Soundcloud, his days as a dancer and what he is listening to now.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t listened before?

Mixture of inspiration from Micheal Jackson, Timbaland, Erykah Badu and a lot of shit from like 2000.

You are hosting a talk show, who are you inviting on?

My boys. E/M

You’ve talked before about how the likes of Timbaland is considered an artist rather than someone who solely produces tracks, is that someone who you want to emulate?

There’s guys who sit down in a studio, call on artists to come down to make a song and then call them self the producer of the track without much creative input because they sorted/paid for the session. So to make people understand what I actually do, prefer to call myself an artist rather than Producer/DJ but.. its early days still, in due time…

Who were your early influences?


Am I right in thinking you DJ’d for Zach Fox? how was that?

I knew he was coming to London. I was persistent to get that set. I got the set. He showed me mad love, waiting to link up with the kid again!

Right now what other artists in your circle are killing it?

Everyone in Elevation/Meditation (if you don’t know, do your research), Slowthai, Kojey Radical, Sam Wise, BlazeYL, Greentea Peng, Yiigaa, Celeste, Bakar, Jeshi, 808ink, Tariq Disu, Lava La Rue, Jesse James Solomon, Kasien, Arlo Parks… Plenty More but can’t think of em all.

One thing people don’t know about you?

Before music, I used to dance with Boy Blue Entertainment, from age 6 – 15.

What are you listening to right now?

Finn Foxell – Good Tea.

Outside of music what do you like doing?

Throwing a party, Editing Videos, Coming up with ideas… I dunno lol.

What can we expect in 2020?


Photography: Jack Cullis