General News / August 25, 2020

Go behind the scenes for April’s video for ‘Forever (To Feel Like Tonight)’

General News / August 25, 2020

Go behind the scenes for April’s video for ‘Forever (To Feel Like Tonight)’

Kildare’s newest star enlisted Elif “forluck” Gönen for the visual treatment of her single ‘Forever (to feel like tonight)’ and we went behind the scenes to see how it came together.

This month April shared the first single ‘Forever (To Feel Like Tonight)‘ from her forthcoming sophomore EP ‘Luna’. It landed with complementary visuals that were shot in Dublin across a weekend by London based filmmaker and Director Elif “forluck” Gönen.

Sonically the new cut borrows that same otherworldly and emotive production so commonly found in the early work of The XX and sees April take her songwriting up another gear.

We spoke to both April and Elif about the creation of the new video and got a behind the scenes sneak peek of how the video came together.

How did you guys get in touch and what drew you to working together?

Elif: So, Aprils team hit me up shortly after I had dropped a mini art documentary which featured two other Irish artists (Biig Piig and Malaki) – they told me about this upcoming musician called ‘April’ and showed me some of the new music, it was funny because I was actually chilling with Biig Biig by a lake when I got the email and she was like “Oh I know April – she’s sick”. After some back and forth I knew that my use of mixed media/lo-fi vibe would fit perfectly with the April’s aesthetic and it all fell into place.

April: I had just seen a piece Elif made called ‘Love In Isolation’ and I was obsessed with it, I immediately knew we had similar visual ideas & would work nicely together.

April bts Lava la rue

When you finished the song did you already have an idea of where you wanted to go with the visuals?

April: When I finished the song I definitely had ideas for the visuals and the end product with Elif is literally what I imagined. Blues & pinks for colours & videos of me and my friends just hanging out. It feels really personal and special.

Elif: I have this process when I’m coming up with video concepts where I literally have to listen to nothing but the song on repeat 1000 times, with each listen I start thinking of scenes & references from the movies that I’m watching – for April’s video, in particular, The layers of the instrumental made me think of the grunginess and shaky transitions of fight club. Then I thought of intense lighting and intimacy inspired by the work of Gasper Noe  – so I gathered the references together and alongside April’s wish to present different spots in Ireland I realised what kind of world I was trying to create in the video.
Screenshot 2020-08-25 at 10.47.35


You included your friends in the video and there appeared to be an element of capturing joyful moments in a relationship, both romantic or platonic was that intentional?

April: Yeah for sure, I wanted it to be as personal & close to my life as possible, like the song. The song is about wanting a nice feeling with someone to last forever & the video captures that idea so nicely, both with the couple & all my friends.

Elif, had you visited Dublin before? If not was this a good introduction? 

Elif: It was my first time in Ireland and I absolutely loved the place. Being hospitable and welcoming is a big thing in Turkish culture and I could tell that is also a thing in Irish culture too – so I felt a special connection with a lot of the people and the experiences I had there, it was a bit of home compared to the more reserved  Londoners that I’m used to. Outside of shooting me and my team highkey had some wild adventures, the coast & lighthouses were beautiful. Definitely coming back for round two!

April bts 1

The song and visuals provided a nice bit of escapism in turbulent times, has music been giving you that solace during all this?

April: Finishing the EP definitely helped keep my mind off things during the start of lockdown and the world falling apart lol. Having something to put my energy into is always very important and helpful for me.

Is there anything you can tell us about your new EP?

I love the new EP, I listen to it all the time & it can be weird to listen to your own music but I really just love it. I produced one of the songs with Kojaque and it is literally such a TUNE. I can’t wait for it all to be out.

Watch the behind the scenes video below:

Photo: April BTS video