Food / November 29, 2021

Grá launch new Christmas Chocolates
Food / November 29, 2021

Grá launch new Christmas Chocolates

by Shamim de Brún

Independent Irish owned and made chocolate company Grá have launched their new Christmas chocolates

If you’ve never had Grá chocolates they are something else. Butlers who? Cadbury wha’? You’d swear you’re tasting a completely new sweet.

Their signature artistry makes these Christmas chocolates delectable. The ethos behind them is sound too. They use ethically sourced Valrhona Chocolate. Also, the world’s best dairy produce, Irish cream and butter feature heavily. Because yum.

The Christmas chocolate collections are small-batch artisan confections. Everything is crafted by Gráinne Mullins and her team. The selection includes festive baubles, Christmas chocolate boxes, advent calendars and an array of hot chocolates.

Mince pie chocolate heart

There’s also a boozy selection made using local stouts, whiskeys, gins and poitins.

Chocolate making is a labour-intensive craft. Each Grá nibble actually takes 3 days to complete.

Considering they are chocolates, they are magnificently visually dynamic. So at first glance, you’d think it’s a foil or wrapping, but it’s actually the chocolate itself. They appear impossibly colourful and textured because they are hand-painted.

Grá Chocolates is a lockdown business. With life unceremoniously cancelled Gráinne Mullins, Chef of the Year 2019, took to the kitchen.

The public went mad for her Easter egg project, so she decided to do a business course. Shortly after Grá was born. Grá is a play on Gráinne’s name but it is also Gaeilge for ‘love’. These little ethically sourced chocolates taste like “I love these”.

Grá Chocolates are perfect for the sweet tooth in your life this holiday season. Be it yourself or someone else.

The Grá Chocolates Christmas collection is available to preorder now with free shipping in Ireland on orders over €50.

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