Food / March 15, 2021

Gravediggers and other Dublin businesses launch the #NotDisposable campaign

gravediggers Glasnevin
Food / March 15, 2021

Gravediggers and other Dublin businesses launch the #NotDisposable campaign

By Emily Mullen

Restaurants and pubs have taken to social media to highlight the impact the pandemic has had on their businesses since March 2020.

Bars and restaurants have undoubtedly borne the brunt of the lockdowns. Sure businesses have diversified, creating fantastic takeaway options and at-home kits, but they are a stop-gap. At their core businesses want to completely reopen, want their customers back in the building, they want to see the faces of regulars without their masks on, to feel the buzz and hear the sound of the place brimming with happy well-fed (and well-oiled) people. This of course is impossible at the moment. But by creating the #NotDisposable campaign businesses have cast a light on how they have struggled throughout the year. They’ve taken to social media to share images of their premises before the pandemic, endless images of happy people packed into beloved establishments show up when you search for #NotDisposable on Instagram. Alongside them a couple of words from representatives of the businesses about the situation they are in and what they are looking for from the country’s political leaders.

While assuring their followers that they will continue to follow guidelines the The Black Door appealed to the government for some roadmaps on reopening. “The uncertainty for our industry remains as real today as it did on the 15th March last year,” representatives of the bar wrote. “The hospitality industry is at the heart of Irish culture, bringing together communities and always delivering the céad míle filte we are world famous for! Behind this lies countless professionals currently with no clear path on when they may expect to return to work. We are #NotDisposable”, they added.

“Today marks a year since nightclubs and bars closed in Ireland. Most have remained closed and others have barely traded,” wrote Lemon & Duke, who encouraged customers to share their favorite memories of the bar with them using the hashtag.

Sharing a short video of empty chairs, tables, and their pub lying quietly from “chatter” Gravediggers in Glasnevin wrote, “Did we all think we’d still be closed?… we need to survive this”.

Thinking about the past year has made the team at Lucky’s “laugh” “cry (mostly cry)” but they remain positive for the future in their post, “There will be an end point and we are certain people will flock back to the pubs they love, but there is a long road and a lot of uncertainty between here and there.”

The Licensed vintners association has championed the movement, encouraging other businesses to “Let’s keep this going. Let’s remind everyone why we’re #NotDisposable,” they wrote.

Countless other businesses have taken to social media to share their support for this movement including The Boars Head, The Well, Tolka House, Davy Byrnes, O’Donoghue’s, Darkey Kellys, and many more.