Food / November 24, 2021

Guinness is launching an €870 home tap

Food / November 24, 2021

Guinness is launching an €870 home tap

Guinness launches €870 home pour tap just in time for Christmas.

The thing we all missed most in the legendary lockdowns was a creamy freshly poured pint. People took to Twitter in their droves to lament the loss of the pint of plain. Those whistful complaints didn’t go unheard and they have brought us a Limited Edition Guinness Microdraft Bar Tap.

With the rise of the home bar, it’s no surprise either. The tech is pretty low rent. It uses an air pump instead of a gas canister. There’s no big keg to worry about either. It works with a “keg so small it comes in a can”. You pop a micro draft can into the pint puller, then commence your perfect two-part pour.

There are meticulous instructions included just in case you’ve never had a go yourself and want to watch the iconic “surge and settle” from the comfort of your own kitchen.

The Guinness used is brewed in exactly the same way as the one in Grogans just instead of kegging it they’re canning it.

Guinness themselves had said this is the biggest innovation since the invention of the widget. The Widget is a nitrogen-filled plastic ball that surges when you pop a can to mimic the draught experience and has been everyone’s favoured word since its inception.

The Guinness Microdraft Bar Tap is new-phone level expensive coming in at €870. If your average pint of the black stuff is a little over a fiver that’s a little over the cost of 150 pints.

It will be available online from 6 December and comes with four Guinness Microdraft cans and two Guinness pint glasses.

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