Art and Design / August 9, 2021

Guinness Storehouse launches Canvas D8: an artistic cultural experience in the heart of the Liberties.

Art and Design / August 9, 2021

Guinness Storehouse launches Canvas D8: an artistic cultural experience in the heart of the Liberties.

Words: Emily Mullen
Photographer: George Voronov

The experience features a first of its kind light installation along with an outdoor art gallery curated and created by Aches.

Never one to rest on their barrels, the home of Guinness has been busy during their six month Covid closure.

The Guinness Storehouse have launched a brand-new cultural experience in conjunction with their reopening. Running from July until September, Canvas D8 brings a brand new cultural experience of immersive art, creativity and events into the heart of Dublin’s Liberties.

The Canvas D8 series of streetscape art injects colour and creativity, from the cobble-stone streets outside the Storehouse to the heights of the Gravity Bar.

Aches’s piece TOGETHER STRONGER in progress

Enlisting the help of Aches, one of the countries most preeminent artists, Canvas D8 aims to create a new kind of cultural experience. While taking part in a contemporary residency in the space, the Dubliner has curated an all-encompassing creative experience at the Storehouse, which starts along the streets of the Liberties and ends at the top of the Gravity Bar where all of Dublin is there to behold.

It’s hoped that the installation will signal a sign of hope, heralding hope for a new cultural rebirth for the city that’s slumbered through a prolonged period of silence and cultural deprivation. The installation is a literal flag on the mast, that says creativity still belongs in this city. Proudly showcasing the work of artists like Aches on the Storehouse gate shows us that commerce and creativity can coexist in Dublin.

Aches’s completed TOGETHER STRONGER piece on Market Street’s iconic black gates

Aches’s work lines the streets surrounding the Guinness Storehouse, with the focal point at the iconic Guinness Gates on Market Street – painted for the very first time in their history. The words TOGETHER STRONGER stand against the iconic black of the ancient gates, a message taken from an old Irish proverb – “Ní neart go cur le chéile” – there is no strength without unity. A message that rings true at this point in our shared cultural history.

Aches has handpicked Dublin 8 based artist Claire Prouvost to help contribute to the series. A set of five murals line Market Street, colourful expressive pieces that show scenes of reopening and everyday life in the Liberties. The murals have been made with a mix of spraypaint and handprinted acrylic, catch the eye and their bright colour palate nicely complements the ancient brick that surrounds them.

The centrepiece of Canvas D8 will be a first of its kind kinetic light installation that will envelop the entire seven-floor central atrium of the Guinness Storehouse. Inspired by Aches signature RGB style and mirroring the rhythm of the surge and settle of the pint of Guinness, this installation measures 20 metres high and was created using over 13,000 glowing spheres. This will be the first time anything of this scale has been seen in Ireland and will be a fitting crescendo to the reopening of Ireland’s number one visitor attraction.

Chalk it down

Visitors to the reopened Guinness Storehouse will also be able to take their very own piece of Canvas D8 home with them. Exclusive prints of ACHES work will be on sale at the Home of Guinness, with a portion of proceeds from all sales being donated to South Inner City Community Development [SICCDA] a charity that plays a vital role in supporting local communities throughout Dublin 8’s Liberties district.

This is only the beginning, with a range of music and food events due to be announced in the coming weeks like the recently opened “Brewery Yard” a vibrant and relaxed outdoor space, perfect for get-togethers with friends and loved ones over a delicious pint of the black stuff. Buzzing with a lively ambiance among glowing lights and exciting art, the Brewery Yard is also fully covered to cater for our famous Irish summer. Tables can be booked for up to 6 people via the Guinness Storehouse website.

Please drink Guinness responsibly, visit for more info

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