Food / May 27, 2021

Happy Endings finds a permanent home in Dublin 2

Food / May 27, 2021

Happy Endings finds a permanent home in Dublin 2

Words: Emily Mullen

“What started out as a month long pop-up has quickly evolved into something much more”

Happy Endings has found a permanent home on the quays. The street food slingers who started out as a short-term popup, now have a permanent address in Dublin 2’s 14-18 Aston Quay, replacing Pablo Picante.

This move to Aston Quay has signalled an end to their trading in Dublin 1’s The Dorset Lounge and Blanchardstown’s Cafe Park.

Speaking of their forever home the team wrote, “you can expect an expanded evening menu featuring some of our favourite street food dishes, a brand new lunch menu, banging drinks offering and much much more (once we get open for outdoor / indoor dining)”.

The team have hit the ground running are already available for delivery from the location, expanding the delivery remit which was previously location restricted. “If you previously lived a little too far outside our delivery radius, time to check again,” the team wrote on Instagram.

The Happy Endings team will be running takeaways from the premises for the next couple of weeks as they “settle into the new location”, but the team will be experimenting with some specials in that time.

Once they’ve settled into their new location and outdoor dining resumes, the team are set to launch their new evening menu.

Happy Endings is available for collection and delivery from 14-18 Aston Quay, Dublin 2, for more information follow them on Instagram.

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