General News / June 12, 2020

Here’s all the times influencers embarrassed themselves during Black Lives Matter protests

General News / June 12, 2020

Here’s all the times influencers embarrassed themselves during Black Lives Matter protests

Here’s a definitive list of all the things that won’t end racism in one place.

Influencers can suck at the best of times and they don’t exactly have a reputation for being the most grounded people on earth. So when there’s delicate political or sociological conversation dominating social media you can count on them to come through with some terrible takes.

While some have tried to use black face to show solidarity (Yes they claimed it was showing solidarity… really), they’ve demonstrated that they’ve unequivocally missed the point being made. If people genuinely care about black lives they’ll educate themselves and listen to black people, not give a tone deaf and offensive “make-up tutorial”.

In the middle of the protests themselves we’ve seen influencers co-opt the Black Lives Matter movement for content to fill their feed before quickly darting off without any intention to get involved or make a change. This kind of cultural appropriation is as shitty as it gets. Imagine going to a protest where people are asking to stop being murdered and you see it as an opportunity to get some social clout and commodify the black struggle.

Additionally we had yet another tone-deaf offering from celebs seemingly somehow making the current climate about themselves in a strange and performative video.

I’d get some spacious shoes with plenty of room to curl your toes, these are cringe as hell.

1. The Slacktivist

This whole video is just gross.

To be fair to this culprit, this particular incident is a military-level operation. The offender moves from the photo-op to the car quicker than a jaguar on speed and hilariously the fella (who appears to be her dad) looks like a Fine Gaeler who’s just landed in Santorini.

What’s the opposite of a chef’s kiss?

2. Imagine 2, C-List Boogaloo

They just had to do it didn’t they? 

Any major catastrophe or heartbreaking moment in time and you can bet that a tone-deaf celeb will rally a group of out-of-touch actors and actresses to create a cringe montage. We seen it with Gal Gadot’s ‘Imagine’ video and now we’ve got another clusterfuck of wince-inducing performances.

I reckon Aaron Paul convinced himself he ended racism with those pain-staking pauses. This video makes ‘The Room’ seem like a masterclass in sincerity.

3. The Cosplay Co-opt

Don’t know why they chose to wear army style clothing, but that’s neither here nor there, it’s the shamelessness that makes these videos so much worse.  There’s not even an attempt to pretend to care.

4. The Post-Loot Photoshoot

So. Many. Questions.

Is there a crowd behind her? Is this an attempt at product placement for a dying furniture company? Why is there a matt wrapped round the photographer’s arm?


5. Fremdscham

Fremdscham – Shame felt for actions done by someone else; vicarious embarrassment, secondhand embarrassment.

6. White privilege in a nutshell

The olympics got postponed until next year, so the mental gymnastics she went through after being dragged for the post are laying to waste. 

Now that we’ve got your attention here’s a number ways you can challenge oppression and racism:

Sign the petition to end Direct Provision.

Support Masi (Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland).

Educate yourself – Dazed have curated a handy list of anti-racism resources.