Entertainment / June 23, 2022

HONEYPOT, a “community for gay girls and friends”, launches on July 15

Image: Unsplash
Entertainment / June 23, 2022

HONEYPOT, a “community for gay girls and friends”, launches on July 15

Words: Ellen Kenny

Emerging Dublin club night ran for and by gay girls, HONEYPOT, announced their launch party in The Sound House on July 15.

HONEYPOT founders Emma Murphy and Kerry Mahony say the club night was out of a desire to to bring more diversity to Dublin’s dancefloors and support female, non-binary and LGBTQ+ DJs. They hope to transform a male-dominated field into a creative space welcome to all, where the only requirement is to have a good (and respectful) time.

“Throughout our six years living in Dublin, we’ve always noticed a gap in electronic nights ran by and for gay women. We want HONEYPOT to bring the community together in the best way we know how, by dancing.”

The launch party, named HONEYPOT 001: Spread Your Wings, will be headlined by Mercorn. The Dublin native is a founding member of Skin&Blister Collective and a champion for diversity in Dublin nightlife, with expertise across nineties trance, acid and progressive house.

Image: Mercorn

Opening the party is the co-founder of HONEYPOT, Rhyzine. The Dublin-based DJ will be
playing percussive and high-energy tunes to warm up the partygoers.

Image: Rhyzine

While HONEYPOT will center gay women, the founders want to welcome everyone, including allies and people who are still questioning their gender and sexuality.

“HONEYPOT operates on an ethos of inclusivity, not exclusivity. We want to create a new space for girls, gays, queer people and everyone in between to dance, be free and have fun.”

“Because of that, we ask everyone to follow our values of kindness, respect and community.”

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