Food / September 22, 2021

HOTCHIX announce a permanent City Centre location

Food / September 22, 2021

HOTCHIX announce a permanent City Centre location

Words: Emily Mullen

The new spot is scheduled to open in the coming weeks

Just under a year since they launched out of Ruby’s in the Point Square in September 2020, HOTCHIX announced that they were now ready to spread their wings and fly.

The team announced the news that they had signed the contract for a permanent city centre location.

Writing that they were “incredibly happy to announce that we have signed on a physical location in Dublins City Centre” the team added that the location would be opening in “winter 2021”.

“All the hard work starts now,” they wrote, “we have some amazing plans in place to make HOTCHIX Dublin one of the best food destinations in the country”.

HOTCHIX serve up chicken burgers, waffle fries, tenders alongside a range of milkshakes, frozen cocktails and beers.

According to their website, the seeds of HOTCHIX began in 2017 when the lease in Ruby’s Point Sq restricted the sale of Beef Burgers.

After consuming one too many glugs of Buckfast the night before Kenny the chef decided that a few buttermilk tenders would be the solution.

The website reads, that the fryers went on, the chicken breast were sliced, dipped, coated and dropped, Kenny uttered the words, “Anyone want buttermilk tenders lads?” and according to the HOTCHIX team the rest is history.

You can find HOTCHIX in Swords, for more information on their delivery areas visit their website.

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