General News / July 27, 2020

‘I’m Alive’ is encouraging you to be mindful of life’s joys

General News / July 27, 2020

‘I’m Alive’ is encouraging you to be mindful of life’s joys

We’re delighted to premiere the new short film directed by Ellius Grace that sees Northern Irish artist SOAK deliver words of encouragement over original music from Saint Sister’s Gemma Doherty.

Sometimes it feels like life can run away from you. Living life on autopilot often means that minor inconveniences build subconsciously, eating away at your resilience quietly. We become so focused on our problems we forget our blessings.

In the new short ‘I’m Alive’ directed by Ellius Grace, the smaller, often unnoticed gifts in life come front and centre.

‘I’m Alive’ hones in on the small joys in life and is a timely reminder to be mindful, slow down and take stock of the things around you. It’s about the space you can create in your head when you’re feeling anxious or frustrated with life.

The cathartic piece aims to send a message of peace and strength in oneself and to encourage us all to enjoy the beautiful experiences available to us no matter the situation.

Working remotely with an amazing team of collaborators across Ireland, Ellius directed each person separately, allowing each artist to have their own stamp on the piece.

Im Alive Still 05

Im Alive Still 06

“Through conversations of our own experiences and thoughts, I think we have created a piece which is both personal and universal. Something that hopefully anyone can identify with and take something away from,” Ellius says.

The film is based around a poem written and performed by SOAK, and instrumental music created by Gemma Doherty of Saint Sister.

Through phone calls, emails and Whatsapps, the numerous collaborators came together to create something beautiful. Cinematographers JJ Rolfe and Narayan Van Maele studied and filmed light moving through their houses, and title designer Shauna Buckley and animator Cian McKenna collaborated closely on the title sequences. Alan McCarthy edited and colour graded the film and Brian Fallon mixed and designed the sound. Motherland aided in production and logistics.

Many of the collaborators on this project have never met, and not one person worked in the same room during the project. Created during the height of the Coronavirus lockdown, it was their way of creating something beautiful for someone to experience.

The track created by Soak and Gemma Doherty will also be released as a single on Rough Trade Records on the same date.

Watch ‘I’m Alive’ below:

I’m Alive from Ellius Grace on Vimeo.

Photo: Ellius Grace