Music / March 10, 2022

Irish Gig of the Week: CMAT

CMAT, Credit: Sarah Doyle.
Music / March 10, 2022

Irish Gig of the Week: CMAT

Words: Dylan Murphy

Jack Daniel’s and District share an authentic love for music culture and we thought who better to team up with to celebrate the return of live music. Every week, we’re handpicking the must attend show in the capital, ranging from underground rappers in dimly lit rooms to rising stars on sold out tours.

CMAT’s debut record If My Wife New I’d Be Dead landed the shelfs last week and the global pop sensation is wasting no time in hitting the road to celebrate.

It comes after CMAT shared the sleep-deprived banger ‘2 Wrecked 2 Care’ and the spaghetti western goodness of ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’. Bridging the gap between country and pop and having a ball while doing it, CMAT is the singing confidant we always wished we had.

Who better to describe her sound than the singer herself, who says, “I learned how to sing through country music: it’s the number one influence on how I sing,” she explains. “So while I’m not a country musician, I do think I’m a country singer. It’s glam. It’s tacky. It’s beautiful. It’s fun. It’s vibrant. Lyrically those artists like to have fun.” 

CMAT plays The Academy on Friday 11 March, click here for tickets.

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