Music / May 14, 2021

J Smith tackles tragedy in ‘In the Death of Something Beautiful’

Music / May 14, 2021

J Smith tackles tragedy in ‘In the Death of Something Beautiful’

Words: Dylan Murphy

Ahead of his debut album, former Gypsies on the Autobahn singer J Smith has shared another emotive cut.

In the face of great loss, it is often easier and wholly understandable to remain silent. However, after the soul-searching that came with a tragedy of his own former Gypsies on the Autobahn singer J Smith looked inward before producing what is arguably his most vulnerable and emotive release to date.

After he and his wife suffered a pregnancy loss in 2018, J poured his heart into the lyrics that would make up ‘In the Death of Something Beautiful’, subsequently giving listeners a key insight into the story of the album. 

Talking about the song J said, “It’s something so many people face, with 1 in 4 pregnancies resulting in miscarriage. I learned of this after the fact. At the time, I thought I knew nobody who had gone through it, but friends and family came out and shared their stories. All of a sudden we didn’t feel so alone. I hope that’s what this song does for people.”

The song features his brother Daniel Smith on the drums and friend Donagh Seaver O’Leary on the bass. It was recorded by Ben Rawlins in one room together much like the majority of the record. It was mixed by Richard Kennedy of Assualt and Battery (The Murder Capitall/Celeste/EOB) and mastered by Pete Maher.

The highly anticipated debut album will land on May 28 and comes after years honing his craft as part of Gypsies on the Autobahn and under his electronic alias Yurn.

Continuing James said, “I remember writing the verse in my mother’s home, singing the lyrics quietly, self-conscious of what had poured out of me. The chorus came after while I was working at a Christmas market. I saw a father holding his toddler’s hand and I knew then that I had to let go of my apprehension around its rawness and record the song.”

“I only had a demo of me singing it with my guitar, but I was certain how I wanted it to feel when it brought it my brother. There were two songs playing on repeat in my head, Dogs by Sun Kil Moon and Green and Blue by The Murder Capital. Dan sat in front of the kit and the song I heard in my head came alive; not forgetting the astounding performance by Donagh Seaver O’Leary (Sodablonde) across the album.”

Listen to ‘In The Death of Something Beautiful’ below:

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