Music / April 21, 2023

Junior Brother Releases Cinematic Music Video for ‘Junior Brother’s Favourite’

Image credit: Aidan Gault
Music / April 21, 2023

Junior Brother Releases Cinematic Music Video for ‘Junior Brother’s Favourite’

Words: Dray Morgan

Seven months after the release of his second album, The Great Irish Famine, folk musician Junior Brother releases a striking new music video helmed by director Ellius Grace.

Junior Brother’s 19 and a half minute long track is a “strange yet stunning worlds conjured up by his previous three releases.” The accompanying eight minute music video is a vivid multimedia experience which explores fear, pride and bravery through poignant imagery and symbolism.

Ellius Grace works his hand at creating the murky visual art to mirror passionate vocals performed by the Kerry-native singer. He creates a story surrounding a power dynamic between a young man and his surreal counterpart, spliced in between black and white shots of Brother Joseph’s acoustic performance.

 “The basis for the video is the idea of fear, and how we deal with it.” Grace began on the topic of his vision, “Fear is something which is in direct response to us, and it can grow or shrink depending on how we act and feel. Ultimately, we can find courage within ourselves, and it is something that must be found inwards rather than externally.”

The video uses eight minutes of the near 20 minute long EP which appears as a single track on streaming, taking elements from the beginning and end of the song to create an “Earthy folk horror story.”

“This song was written on the day I moved back to Dublin after the first 3 months of the 2020 lockdown spent at home in Co. Kerry,” Junior Brother commented, “After that long-feeling period of uncertainty and writers’ block at home, I sat to try once more to write something.”

With each piece of work, Junior Brother has built on the ecosystem of his art, allowing us to explore it visually and sonically as it grows.

The EP will also be available as a limited edition 10″ vinyl from June 10th – which can be pre-ordered here now.

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