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Music / May 21, 2021

Listen to Biig Piig’s new EP ‘The Sky Is Bleeding’

Music / May 21, 2021

Listen to Biig Piig’s new EP ‘The Sky Is Bleeding’

Words: Dylan Murphy

The NiNE8 Collective member has shared just under 20 minutes of new music.

Biig Piig‘s evolution is something to behold. First making waves with her formative EPs Big Fan Of The Sesh, Vol.1, A World Without Snooze, Vol.2, and No Place For Patience, Vol.3 she has since released a flurry of singles exploring a myriad of different sounds including ‘Feels Right’, Don’t Turn Around‘ and ‘Cuenta Lo’.

Now, the NiNE8 Collective member has returned with a six track EP named ‘The Sky Is Bleeding’.

Over the course of 18 minutes, the Irish-born, Spanish-raised singer slaloms between more intimate sounds and explores unchartered territory having worked with Gianluca Buccellati (Arlo Parks), Zac Fogarty (Denzel Curry) and Oscar Scheller (Rina Sawayama).

‘Speaking on the EP BiiG Piig says it’s all, “about secrets; kind of written for myself, but putting them out into the world. No shame and guilt – it’s healing thinking it’ll be out there – it’s about sex and drugs and my experiences.”

With co-signs ranging from Billie Eilish, Clairo and Virgil Abloh to Lil Nas X, Biig Piig is currently working on a new single to follow ‘Feels Right’ (and ‘The Sky Is Bleeding’ EP). Keep your eyes peeled for more from a rising star making uncompromising pop hits on her own terms.

Listen to The Sky Is Bleeding below:

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