Music / June 11, 2021

Madlib connects with Declaime on ‘All Over The World’

Music / June 11, 2021

Madlib connects with Declaime on ‘All Over The World’

Words: Dylan Murphy

It’s the first track from a forthcoming collaborative album made up of material from the 1990s.

It’s always a good day when Madlib drops.

The prolific producer has shared a new song with Declaime that was recorded back in the 1990s called ‘All Around The World’ featuring MED. It’s the first track from a forthcoming album that sees the pair share music they’d crafted together over 20 years ago.

In The Beginning (Vol. 1) is out July 2 and follows a string of link ups over the years from the duo.

Speaking about the track, Declaime said, “Madlib was on that musical genius stuff way back then … [but] we both moved and lost contact.”

The description for the song on Soundcloud reads:

“It wasn’t until years later when Madlib formed The Lootpack that the two reconnected, with the end result being tracks like “All Over the World,” which features another longtime collaborator, MED, on the opening verse.

As Declaime explains, slappers like “All Over the World” existed on various mixtapes and B-sides throughout the years, but got “lost in the sauce for nearly two and a half decades.” But no more, because we’re hearing musical history with the release of this single and the remainder of In The Beginning when it drops.”

It comes after Madlib’s joint album Sound Ancestors with electronic producer Fourtet.

01. Enuff
02. One on One (Remix)
03. Cool Ways
04. 2 to Da Head
05. Madman
06. Declaime Speaks
07. Black
08. Wake Up
09. Out Like Dat
10. Massive Meltdown
11. All Over the World (feat. MED)
12. 2 MC 95
13. Outrose

Listen to ‘All Over The World’ below:

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