General News / April 5, 2019

MASTER AND APPRENTICE: Henry Donnelly, apprentice distiller at METHOD AND MADNESS gin.

General News / April 5, 2019

MASTER AND APPRENTICE: Henry Donnelly, apprentice distiller at METHOD AND MADNESS gin.

Innovation never stands still, and neither does this Irish micro-distilled gin “tasting expedition”. To help celebrate the launch of METHOD AND MADNESS gin, we’ve created an interview and portraiture series exploring the dynamic of master and apprentice.

These well-known mentors and their apprentices highlight the ethos and creativity of METHOD AND MADNESS; where master distiller Brian Nation works closely with his apprentice Henry Donnelly. In working together, they are “able to combine the knowledge and tools of the past with the skills of the present to create spirits for the future” at their Midleton distillery.

What’s the measure of madness with this gin?

Our unique use of black lemon and Irish gorse flower is the madness to this gin.

What methods from Midleton’s gin history did you follow?

Not only are we using our original gin still, Mickey’s Belly, but we dove into the past in search of botanicals used in our products previously. Our gin still was made in 1958 and we have a diary with examples of gin experiments dating to 1798.

Is gin distilling more art or science?

Gin distilling is the perfect balance of art and science. You need to have the scientific ability to be able to distil such creative botanicals.

 What is our ambition in gin making?

Our ambition when making gin is to pay respect to the past while creating something unique for some madness.


What advice do you have for future gin makers?

Make sure you’re happy with the product you’ve made, you don’t need a compass to know where you are going, just as long as you are happy with a destination you get to.

 How important is it to question the way it’s always been done?

Asking this question lets gin evolve, it tests our knowledge on what we know and what we can achieve.

 What do you admire about learning from Brian?

Brian has taught me precision and detail, and while these are so important, he wants to explore avenues that haven’t been looked at before.

 What will surprise people about this gin?

They’ll know it’s a gin but there’s a surprise which they might not be able to identify- the madness!

 What excites you about the future of gin?

Our innovations are always exciting but this one has surprised us with its results. The future has endless possibilities for gin and that’s what makes it exciting.



Cast off on a boat journey up the Grand Canal… With gin!

METHOD AND MADNESS gin are taking people on a “sensory voyage” up the Grand Canal.

METHOD AND MADNESS gin has just launched, and you can be one of the first to taste it in a truly interesting setting with DJs and eclectic beverages.

Setting off at La Peniche on Mespil Road, you’ll go on a 90 minute “taste expedition” boat journey up the Grand Canal.  Micro-distilled with 16 balanced botanicals, led by black lemon and wild Irish gorse flower; METHOD AND MADNESS gin is “bursting with citrus, spice, and a hint of ‘What if?’.”

The voyage will be an intersection of art and science, which is the ethos closely aligned with one of the world’s newest gins, METHOD AND MADNESS.

Tickets are €25, with departures at 7.00pm and 9.00pm on Friday April 5, and 5.00pm, 7.00pm and 9.00pm on Saturday April 6.

Tickets are available to buy here:

Please enjoy METHOD AND MADNESS responsibly.


– Strictly over 18’s. I.D required. Visit
– The organisers reserve the right to admission
– Refunds can be given up to one week before the event. If in any case the event is cancelled you will be reimbursed for your ticket excluding booking fee.
– Tickets can only be purchased for one session on any given day.
– Ticket price includes a 90 minute interactive experience, 2 x drinks and food.