Music / January 10, 2023

Master Peace is intoxicated by ‘Veronica’ in new single

Photo Credit: Master Peace by Ewen Spencer
Music / January 10, 2023

Master Peace is intoxicated by ‘Veronica’ in new single

Words: Dylan Murphy

It comes after the London-based artist performed at the Chamomile Garden Party in Dublin last month.

It’s rare that songs hit on the first listen, but Master Peace’s ‘Veronica’ is relentless cut that keeps one eye on the UK’s indie heritage whilst he marches into the future. Influenced by the likes of Bloc Party, it’s another part of Master Peace’s evolution that saw him conduct a series of moshpits during 2022’s festival season.

The song comes ahead of his new Peace of Mind EP that lands on February 24 and a headline tour which sees MP land in Dublin for a show on March 15.

Speaking on the new single, Master Peace says, “Veronica is a youthful record that captures the feeling of young love and the exciting feeling that comes with new situations… It’s flirty fun with a-bit of tongue & cheek if you get what I mean…”

MP hails his forthcoming Peace Of Mind as a bit of a watershed moment for himself in his artistic journey. “I feel like I’ve always been scared to really say what I want or what I really feel,” he explains. “Now I’m gonna say what I want, and everybody can take it how they want to take it.”

Watch the video for ‘Veronica’ below:

Elsewhere, Master Peace’s ‘Country Life’, won ‘Best Music Video’ at The British Short Film Awards 2022 last month. Click here to purchase tickets to his Academy Green Room show on March 15.

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