Music / September 21, 2021

MF DOOM’s life celebrated in new podcast

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Music / September 21, 2021

MF DOOM’s life celebrated in new podcast

Words: Dylan Murphy

“Told by his family, friends and artists that knew him best. The legacy of one of the most iconic, legendary and mysterious MCs that hip hop has ever known.”

The death of MF DOOM in late 2020 shook hip hop to its core. Though he passed in October, his death was announced on New Year’s eve last year and the ripple effects have been felt to this day.

A true innovator and one of a kind, MF DOOM’s legacy stretches beyond his whacky characters and original approach to creating tongue-twisting rhymes. ‘Your favourite rapper’s favourite rapper’, even after his passing there’s an air of mystique to the rapper and DOOM continues to inspire a new generation of artists that want to break the mould and challenge traditional conceptions of the art form.

Now, a new podcast is launching on October 25 to celebrate his life, legacy and impact a year on from his untimely death. ‘Did I Ever Tell You The One About MF DOOM’ will consist of ten episodes featuring friends, family and other hip hop artists and has been ok’d by his close relatives.

Created by New York rapper MC Serch the series will feature Lord Jamar, MF Grimm, Just Blaze and DOOM’s brother Dimbaza Dumile alongside older interviews with Yasiin Bey and Talib Kweli, among others.

The series on MF DOOM follows the inaugural edition that focused on Big Daddy Kane. The forthcoming series premieres October 25 with two episodes and weekly episodes will be available from then on.

Listen to the trailer for ‘Did I Ever Tell You the One About… MF DOOM’ below:

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