General News / June 21, 2024

Mother is Assembling Queer Icons For Their Pride Block Party

General News / June 21, 2024

Mother is Assembling Queer Icons For Their Pride Block Party

Words: Dray Morgan

Photo: Sasha Velour

One look at the Mother Block Party lineup and you can just feel that 29 June is going to be the highlight of the year.

Mother has left no stone unturned with a stellar lineup to celebrate Pride. Names such as Drag Race’s Sasha Velour, dance icon Robin S, Princess Superstar and Cobrah, not to mention a range of Irish queer names at the forefront of the scene are set to take the stage.

The block party is looking to be the highlight of the LGBTQ+ calendar, with a litany of drag, DJs, drama, food and drink. In collaboration with Absolut, over 30 names are coming together over three stages for Dublin’s biggest pride celebration on the grounds of the National Museum.

Robin S

If you don’t know Robin S’s name, then you certainly know her voice. Robin has some of the most recognisable tracks in dance music history. Singles like ‘Show Me Love” and ‘Luv 4 Luv’ are etched into our psyche. The single brought house into the cultural zeitgeist and fundamentally changed the course of dance music and queer music.

Sasha Velour

You could argue there is no media as influential in modern queer culture than RuPaul’s Drag Race. Just saying the name Sasha Velour is enough to send a Drag Race fan into a frenzy. To have the crowned Queen of the ninth season of Drag Race on Irish soil is our Royal visit. Sasha is joined by an A-Z of homegrown drag artists to display some drag royalty.

Princess Superstar

Another artist whose vocals are burned into our brains, this time from more recent media. Princess Superstar saw initial notoriety with her “flip flop” sound – a mixture of hip-hop and electronic music. Her sound has always been irreverent, highlighted in the recently revitalised track ‘Perfect (Exceeder)’. In its Renaissance era, partially due to the feature on Saltburn, how can you not consider this a pride anthem?

Blu Hydrangea

If you thought we were done with the Drag Race frenzy, you’d be heavily mistaken. This one’s a bit closer to home as Ireland’s own Blu Hydrangea will be making an appearance. She’s an originator of the Drag Race fanaticism, as Blu appeared on the first season as well as winning the UK vs The World series.

Mother Block Party takes place on 29 June. Click here to grab tickets.