Music / February 24, 2023

New Albums: Master Peace, Gorillaz, Channel Tres & more

Photo Credit: Master Peace by Ewen Spencer
Music / February 24, 2023

New Albums: Master Peace, Gorillaz, Channel Tres & more

Words: Dylan Murphy

With the endless onslaught of new music every Friday it’s hard to keep up with all the new releases. We’ve curated the essential new albums and projects out today for you to check out.

Master Peace – Peace of Mind

Master Peace had our head spinning with the release of ‘Veronica earlier this year and he’s made good on the promise of that release with his new EP Peace of Mind. The project comes ahead of a tour which includes a date in Dublin. Speaking on the EP, Master Peace says, “I feel like I’ve always been scared to really say what I want or what I really feel… Now I’m gonna say what I want, and everybody can take it how they want to take it.”

Channel Tres – Real Cultural Shit

Chopping up house, soul, funk and just about anything that takes his fancy, Compton innovator Channel Tres is sharing Real Cultural Shit hot off the back of singles ‘6am’ and ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’. It’s music that’s meant to be played LOUD.

Gorillaz – Cracker Island

As per usual, your favourite animated outfit has recruited an all star cast for their latest full length Cracker Island. Featuring Stevie Nicks, Thundercat, Bad Bunny and more, it’s an eclectic record that further builds out their ever-expanding universe.

Model/Actriz – Dogsbody

East coast four piece Model/Actriz drop their debut album Dogsbody. 10 tracks of thrashing noise, punk and techno for ragers.

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