Food / October 1, 2021

Nick’s Coffee is wrapping up its time in Ranelagh

Food / October 1, 2021

Nick’s Coffee is wrapping up its time in Ranelagh

“That’s a wrap”

After 12 years of serving caffeine-deprived Ranelaghites, Nick’s Coffee has announced the news of their departure.

“That’s a wrap!” the Instagram post from October 1 reads, “Thank you Ranelagh for 12 years of magic”. The team inferred that they had a new location lined up, writing “see you all again real soon”.

The post was met with an outpouring of support from customers, who frequented the kiosk that inexplicably slotted in between the front of the Ranelagh Dart station and a house.

Nick’s invariably had a queue around the corner for the coffee which has been described by some as the best coffee in Dublin.

This departure may be linked to a dispute which took place back in May 2020, which saw the owner of Nick’s Coffee Nicholas Seymour, posted an image on Twitter of builders removing a structure behind the cafe.

In the tweet, Seymour said, “after being told by our solicitor that they can’t just demolish our shop and stores without court order… they do.”

Speaking to the Irish Times, Seymour said that five years ago the building ago was bought out of NAMA by the current owner, who allegedly refused to negotiate a new lease for the cafe.

You can find Nick’s other cafe in Wicklow, follow them on Instagram for more information on their move.

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