Music / May 31, 2021

Our 7 favourite Irish Boiler Room sets so far

Music / May 31, 2021

Our 7 favourite Irish Boiler Room sets so far

Words: Eric Davidson/ Dylan Murphy

Ahead of AVA in September and the return of clubs we’re looking back at our favourite Boiler Room sets in Ireland.

It’s been three years since Hangar closed its hallowed doors. It may not have been the prettiest of places but we wouldn’t have swapped it for the world. There’s an inimitable and irreplaceable atmosphere that was conjured up on a routine basis in the Dublin institution and whilst a host of world players had graced its mixing area, it’s arguably some of the home grown artists that have stolen the show over the years.

With the venue in mind, we revisited our 7 favourite Irish Boiler Room sets, including a legendary one in Hangar from arguably one of the greatest DJs the Island has ever produced.

Or:la, Belfast [2017]

“She’s about to fucking bring it, I’m sure of it”, and good lord, wasn’t he right? Or:la’s set was full to the brim with memorable moments, culminating in something close to mayhem towards the end. This set also made one particular dancer with sunglasses and an excellent shirt something of a Boiler Room cult hero…

Sunil Sharpe, Dublin [2016]

As usual, not a hint of nonsense about Sunil Sharpe’s set in Dublin’s Hangar back in 2016, as he proves not for the first time why he’s considered by many to be the best DJ this country has produced.

New Jackson (Live), Dublin [2015]

Probably the cosiest of all the Irish Boiler Room sessions, this one took place in Generator Hostel in Smithfield and David Kitt, aka New Jackson, closed out the event with a live set.

ELLL (Live), Dublin [2016]

Perhaps not what Irish Boiler Room fans would have expected from a set, but ELLLL isn’t a fan of convention. Her rolling live set was hypnotising and beautifully jarring.

Space Dimension Controller, Belfast [2017]

Well, come on. We couldn’t leave this one out, could we? 42 minutes into this is one of the best Boiler Room moments of all time.

Tommy Holohan [2019]

No unnecessary bells or whistles, Tommy Holohan has the crowd in the palm of his hand throughout his set at Higher Vision. Skip to 47:20 if you want to see pure poetry in motion as an unfazed Tommy has a couple thousand people lose their mind as he calmly nods along.

KETTAMA [2019]

Featuring a belter of an intro from none other than Viper Higgins at Higher Vision festival, it was one of the last Boiler Room sets with a crowd to grace Irish shores before dancing with your friends was halted by COVID. Featuring heavy-hitting house, there’s a few moments where the crowd is pulsing in time with the music to perfection.

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