General News / June 7, 2022

Petition launched to allow Dublin based DJ Emmy Shigeta to stay in Ireland

General News / June 7, 2022

Petition launched to allow Dublin based DJ Emmy Shigeta to stay in Ireland

Words: Eva O’Beirne

The Japanese born, Dublin based DJ will have to leave Ireland if the Irish Government don’t accept her work permit application.

Emmy was allowed to remain in Ireland on her college visa, which is due to expire soon. During her time in Ireland, she worked with The Lighthouse Cinema, who made a work permit application on her behalf due to her “incredible character, work ethic, and passion for film”.

Unfortunately, the Irish Government has declined this application as the general work permit “does not seem to include minimum wage workers”, and the artist visa does not recognise DJs as artists.

As a result, Emmy will have to leave Ireland in the near future. In order to reverse this decision, Emmy’s friends and colleagues have created a petition on

“‘Dublin is dying’ is a phrase that has been used to describe our capital all too many times, but in the midst of this crisis, the love of our city for some individuals has been so strong that just one person can make a city a better place to live. Emmy Shigeta is one of those people, and if nothing is done, we will lose her,” the petition description stated.

“[Emmy] has touched the lives of so many people in Dublin, and throughout the rest of the country with her positivity, kindness, and love of all things Ireland. She has also brought together diverse groups of people and become an integral part of the Dublin musical scene. Emmy has injected life into Dublin’s nightlife at a time when it has been on life support, and she did so for no reason other than her love of Dublin.”

Emmy has already received support from creatives and companies she has worked with such as Kojaque, Henry Earnest and Dublin Digital Radio.

“We feel so strongly that if Dublin is to prosper as a city, exceptions must be made for individuals who have contributed massively to the social, arts, and cultural climate, and in the event of a community coming together and demonstrating their support for an individual, a special permit to remain in Ireland should be available,” the description continued.

“We ask The Minister for Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media to consider this proposal. The cultural link between Ireland and Japan spans back hundreds of years, and just how we would hate to imagine Japan without the great Dubliner Lafcadio Hearn, We would hate to imagine Dublin without Emmy Shigeta.”

To sign the petition, click here.

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