Music / September 15, 2021

Pilot night club event announced in the Button Factory

Music / September 15, 2021

Pilot night club event announced in the Button Factory

Words: Emily Mullen

News of the event was announced as part of the Report of the Night-Time Economy Taskforce chaired by Minister for Tourism Catherine Martin

A pilot nightclub event will take place in the Button Factory on September 30. 450 people will be able to attend the venue, which lists its capacity as 550.

This news comes alongside the announcement of a pilot late-night event in the National Concert Hall, which will be utilised as a way to create best-practice guidance for promoters, artists and venue operators.

The intention of such events, was according to the authors of the report a way to “encourage diversity and inclusivity” in the industry.

While the intention of the report which was launched on September 15 was to “to modernise antiquated licensing laws; make operating procedures easier and more accessible; improve our public realm and create a strong sense of safety for the Night-Time Economy; create new and dynamic structures to develop vibrant and tailor-made local Night-Time Economies; establish exciting new pilot initiatives and collaborations”.

Minister Martin announced that a reform to licensing laws was “in-process” following today’s announcement by the Department of Justice. The draft bill entitled the Sale of Alcohol Bill 2021, has already been drawn up by the Department.

An increase in “late-night” venues, the rollout of eight new 24-hour public transport routes in Dublin alongside a review of noise regulations, are all part of the Night-Time Economy Taskforce recommendations.

Minister for Special Education Josepha Madigan has described the report as a “milestone” towards a “more vibrant and diverse night-time culture.”

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