General News / April 16, 2020

Premiere: Evvol – The Power

General News / April 16, 2020

Premiere: Evvol – The Power

“It’s about all relationships, including, but not limited to our own and it details the intimate powers that bind us together.”

Berlin based duo Evvol are gearing up to release their latest full length offering ‘The Power’ on 8 May. Ahead of their sophomore album we are delighted to share the title track and first single from the project.

Back in 2015 the pair blended more accessible pop sounds with arty electronica and created an overall sound that drew from creative spirit of Berlin. The subsequent body of work was their debut album ‘Eternalism’ and it was the litmus test for their work flow and sound. Following that they dropped an atmospheric EP ‘Physical L.U.V’, that highlighted their self-sufficient approach with the pair writing, arranging, producing and engineering the whole project themselves.

There’s a deliberate element of lived experience in their work and it has seeped into their upcoming album, with it reflecting the time they took to consider not only their own situation, but that of the world at large.

“It’s about all relationships, including, but not limited to our own,” they explain, “and It details the intimate powers that bind us together.”

Looking at the fragility of human existence and the importance of emotional release, ‘The Power’ begins with beautiful and slow building-ballad ‘Help Myself,’ and is followed by the more playful ‘It’s OK.’

“Sonically we wanted to switch things up. Previously we were focused on an analogue studio sound, and for this album we flipped it completely.”

Talking about the creative process Evvol explained it was very much a back and forth approach that resulted in ‘The Power’.

“We jammed the track out at home like we normally do, basically just had fun a saw what came out. We def wanted something a bit more uptempo so this kind of housey fun vibe came through in the music.”

“I went off and worked on the lyrics and came back with a full song, Jane felt one of the verses that I made actually worked way better as a chorus so we switched it up, then from here Jane found a new melodic synth hook which gave that energy of the chorus. It’s kind of melancholy happy and the mellotron flute string sound worked perfectly for that.”

‘The Power’ is in essence a meditation on love and while sonically it projects a feeling of almost synthetic tenderness , lyrically it captures a range of emotions.

“The whole album is pretty much based around the ups and downs of our relationship. This song is uplifting but actually the lyrics are quite dark and sad and mostly revolve around a fight we had one night. Normally when we fight I’m the shouty loud one and I feel like the whole world is ending and Jane serves hard cold silent treatment realness and that’s what is reflected here.”

Carefully balancing wearing their influences on their sleeves without drowning in them isn’t an easy task, but Evvol manage it expertly. With their latest offering they pay homage to one of their favourite acts.

“We are massive Róisín Murphy fans, so when ever we go more dancy we always look to her for inspiration, her sounds, her voice and her hooks – are just so lush, everything she does is pure pop class.”

With hard-craft and ambition aside, ‘The Power’ is essentially an introspective mantra about love and intimacy, and at a time of universal unrest, it feels refreshing and vital.

Listen below:

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