General News / January 31, 2020

Premiere: Hazey Haze – Tiptoe

General News / January 31, 2020

Premiere: Hazey Haze – Tiptoe

Hazey Haze is blurring the lines between a bloody nightmare and and a twisted reality in his latest visuals.

If you have been sleeping under a rock you may be unaware of the gritty, debauchery-fuelled hip hop revolution coming out of the south-west of Ireland.

PX Music in particular have been making serious noise in the last 12 months, with releases from Citrus Fresh, Gavindavinci and others threatening to blow the lid off the country’s growing scene.

The latest release from the DIY outfit came from Hazey Haze in the shape of his LP ‘Is Mise‘. A haunting display of aggressive lyricism and raw talent, it has set the bar in 2020 for innovative hip hop projects in Ireland.

Now the Limerick spitter has dropped his first set of visuals from the project for the hyper-violent track ‘Tiptoe’.

The video has Hazey on a murderous rampage in a dreamlike miasma stumbling through Citrus Fresh’s gaff. Channeling his inner DMX the spitter creeps through the house in a blood-drenched daze with some cameos from PC comrades.

There’s a lingering feeling of uncertainty created by the tongue in cheek nature of the piece. It’s entertaining and simultaneously unsettling, which pretty much encapsulates Hazey Haze.

Watch the video below:

Shot by Meghan Daniels. Edited by Cathal Histon. Film on set at Citrus Fresh’s gaff.

Hazey plays Drogheda tonight, tickets on the door. Click here for more info.