Music / November 10, 2021

Premiere: PRiiCE are haunted by unrequited love in ‘Ghosting’

Music / November 10, 2021

Premiere: PRiiCE are haunted by unrequited love in ‘Ghosting’

Words: Dylan Murphy

Irish duo PRiiCE are bringing the nightmare that is being left on read to life in their imaginative new visuals.

Ghosting, abruptly cutting all communication with someone without warning on paper sounds like a pretty ruthless act, but at this point it’s just part and parcel of dating in 2021. What’s more is, there’s levels to it. It’s not so bad if you haven’t met a person and your message is ignored. That’s easy to get over, but if you have been chatting to someone for a while or even been on a number of dates, it can be a little harder to stomach.

Irish duo PRiiCE are a fairly new commodity in the bubbling scene, but in their latest visuals for the aptly named ‘Ghosting’ they’ve captured the spectral avoidance, the floaty airy non-response and unexpected disinterest of someone that leaves you on read after you thought it was going so well. The anonymous nature of the ghosts in the visuals highlights the idea that you never really know someone and the careful, nocturnal production accentuates the feeling of late nights staring at the ceiling, getting lost in your thoughts.

Ahead of the premiere of the visuals we caught up with PRiiCE to talk about how the video came together and what they have in store for the new year.

What inspired the song?

Ghosting plays on the idea of being ghosted by someone, while tying in haunting imagery and playful phrases like having your “Halloween costume sorted”. It’s a song that we had lots of fun writing and playing with the concept. It is more laid back than some of our other stuff but it has it’s own place in the world of PRiiCE.

Can you talk a little bit about how the video for the track came together?

The concept for the video came very quickly after we had written the song. We wanted to do the white sheet over the head but in a way we hadn’t seen overdone. We shot and edited the video ourselves and were kind of winging it the whole time but it turned out exactly as we had hoped. The ghost in the video is a mixture of our sister, me (Sean) and my girlfriend which was a lot of fun. For the shots in more public spaces the ghost attracted some odd looks and attention to say the least.

What’s the plan for the end of the year and 2022?

This is our last release before of the end of the year which tops off a good year of music for us after releasing our debut mixtape, ‘44’ in September. Before the end of the year we will be playing the Word Up Collective gig at the Sugar Club and supporting Tebi Rex at their headline show in Opium this November. We’re currently planning for 2022 – we hope to have lots of new music out and hope to get on some more stages in 2022.

Watch the video for ‘Ghosting’ below:

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