Music / May 18, 2021

Premiere: Rory Sweeney and Emby go for broke in ‘Two Faces’

Emby & Rory Sweeney by Ruairi Bradley
Music / May 18, 2021

Premiere: Rory Sweeney and Emby go for broke in ‘Two Faces’

Words: Dylan Murphy
Directed and Edited by Conor Bradley
DOP: Jack Doyle
Art design: Cian McCarthy
Grade: Fiachra Gallagher Lawson
Stills: Ruairi Bradley
Assisted: Smokey + Jacob Lemme

Ahead of his album, I Like You dropping on May 29, Bitten Twice collective producer Rory Sweeney has invited rapid-fire spitter Emby for a scorching new single.

Today, our list of songs we need to lose our minds to in a sweaty basement grows a little longer.

Even in the absence of clubs, Bitten Twice Collective producer Rory Sweeney has been making in name for himself with his unpredictable blend of footwork, house and rave-indebted sounds and right before lockdown Emby had started shelling intimate grime events in Belfast.

Two Faces’ represents a perfect marriage of the pair’s respective talents, with Rory’s take on drill accentuating Emby’s no-holds-barred approach to spitting.

The video directed by Conor Bradley sees the duo perform the track in more a naturalistic setting, flipping our expectations based in the track’s darker overtones on its head. Ahead of the release of the video and Rory’s forthcoming album I Like You, we spoke to the producer about how the collaboration came about.

How did the collaboration come about?
Emby shared one of my tunes from Bitten Twice on Instagram, so I stalked his profile and was like “oh my god he’s such a deadly rapper”. Me and Ahmed, With Love were working on ‘Two Faces‘ and I reached out to him to be on it.

What was your intention going into this song?
Originally the song was a 10 minute composition with the drill beat about 4 minutes in. But then I realised that was stupid, no one will listen to that so I separated it into two tracks, one being “Actors” and the other being “Conclusion” off of my record “Computer Love”.

The song originally was Emby and Ahmed, With Love but the Ahmed, with Love verse suited a different instrumental so they ended being on separate tracks. The Ahmed, With love track is on the album so keep an eye out for that. It’s called ‘X-Pac Heat‘.

What can we expect from the rest of the project?
Expect more drill, some drowsy house, footwork, electro-pop, weirdo ballads & Breakcore. 

Watch the video for ‘Two Faces’ below:

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