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General News / August 31, 2017

Premiere: Rusangano Family – ‘Tea In A Pot’

General News / August 31, 2017

Premiere: Rusangano Family – ‘Tea In A Pot’

“‘Tea In A Pot’ is our ode to the good stuff. A beverage for everyone. A drink that acts like your calm friend in a storm.”


We’re happy to share Limerick trio Rusangano Family’s new video ‘Tea In A Pot’ for the first time. It’s more grime-leaning than their previous material, showcasing the talented group’s musical diversity.

The Family wanted to release something to mark the end of summer, before their performance on Saturday at Electric Picnic.

“2017 has been good to us, and we wanted to get new music out there,” they explain. “Sometimes we can be a bit precious, but its always good to just drop random bangers here and there.”

Watch the video shot in Clare by Shane Serrano for Crude Media Productions below.

Rusangano Family won the Choice Music Prize Irish Album of the Year 2016 with their record ‘Let The Dead Bury The Dead’.

“Winning the Choice Prize has been amazing and opened up a lot of doors to us. We’re always really keen to keep pushing forward, so it’s getting to that time when we need to go back to the studio for a couple of months and really get stuck in.

“We have a four-date Irish tour coming at the end of 2017, which we’ll announce fully soon, and then it’s time to duck down and sharpen the swords. We’re all pretty excited by any of the new material we’re working on, and this time, we’re looking out at the world to see who is listening.”

Click here to stream ‘Tea In A Pot’ on Spotify and click here to download it.