Music / September 16, 2021

Premiere: Rushes loses himself to nature in ‘Lost In Therapy’

Music / September 16, 2021

Premiere: Rushes loses himself to nature in ‘Lost In Therapy’

Words: Dylan Murphy

Following the release of his debut project Glowchild, we’re buzzed to premiere the naturalistic visuals for ‘Lost In Therapy’.

In the past, being housed in rural settings often meant you were cut off from the world and while it’s news to no one that the internet is giving acts the opportunity to share music with the listeners everywhere from the comfort of their homes, doing it well is an entirely different prospect.

Throughout the course of Glowchild, Skibbereen singer Rushes repeatedly hits the sweet spot between nodding to the area that raised him whilst showcasing a borderless pop sound. It comes as a result of moving from the capital to Cork at the onset of the pandemic. Showing the resilience that’s essential to making a career in music, Rushes flipped a period of uncertainty on its head and immersed himself in the greenery of his hometown. Reconnecting with his roots didn’t compromise his forward-facing approach, taking inspiration from the iridescent colours of early Brockhampton and sharing DNA with the freewheeling melodies of other transatlantic contemporaries, he’s bringing rural Ireland to the world.

Hot on the heels of his nine-track release we’ve got the exclusive premiere of ‘Lost In Therapy’. The video stays true to the Glowchild universe and sees the vintage instrumentation coalesce with the crashing of the waves while his otherworldly melodies provide solace for the escapists.

Speaking on the track Rushes says, “I wrote ‘Lost in Therapy’ at my most vulnerable. I was going in and out of therapy sessions every week, shedding pieces from my life. I really lost sight of everything else around me and the people who cared for me. I kind of let them go, even when they were there to listen. I was lost”.

The production is large, but there are no crazy thrills to it really. It’s still quite raw and is a really nice bed for the vocals to sit on. It took a few versions but we got it to the right place” Rushes says.

Watch the video for ‘Lost In Therapy’ which was directed by Nathan Ivor Barlow below:

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