Music / October 14, 2021

Premiere: shiv moves through the seasons in ‘The Love Interlude’

shiv by Mica Albanese
Music / October 14, 2021

Premiere: shiv moves through the seasons in ‘The Love Interlude’

Directed & Produced By Julia Grandperret
Shot by: Paloma Pineda
Camera Assistant: Micaela Albanese
Edited by Richard Guyot
Director of Photography: Paloma Pineda
1st Assistant Camera: Mica Albanese
Film Development / Processing: Kafard Films
Colorist: Marine Surblé
Hair & Makeup: Siobhan McClean
Styling: Siobhan McClean and Shaylyn Gilheaney
Choreography: Jessica McGovern & Siobhan McClean

Following the release of her sophomore EP ‘The Love Interlude’, Irish-Zimbabwean singer shiv has shared the beautiful accompanying short film.

Love isn’t linear. There’s ups and downs, upsets that bookend the holiday period and predictably, an uncomfortable learning curve. Despite intuitively knowing all this, we often ignore the signs and inevitably fall victim to the cyclical nature of it all.

What can make it an all the more bruising experience is vulnerability, the very thing that builds the strongest bonds, is also what makes the break ups more painful. Though, it’s not all bad, in fact the lows are what make the highs feel so transcendent and Irish-Zimbabwean singer shiv captures the synergy of the aforementioned paradox and the cyclical nature of love’s waves in her vulnerable new EP The Love Interlude.

BTS images of shiv by Julia Grandperret.

Made up of four tracks, each representing a season of the year, starting with summer and ending with spring it highlights the resilience that’s built from weathering the storm that prepares you for your next experience.

Now, she’s exclusively shared the accompanying short film that accentuates the seasonal elements of the project with naturalistic imagery shot across four days in France. Sitting at just over 15 minutes, it’s an immersive piece that acts as the connective tissue for the project and essential part of its world-building.

BTS image of shiv by Julia Grandperret.

Speaking on the video shiv says, “I wanted to create a visual experience to expand on the concept of this EP. Each video encapsulates the aesthetic of the “season” of love that it embodies, furthering the feeling that is highlighted musically. With each season and song comes a different feeling, a different lens to view love through. It was super important to me to have an all-female team for the recording of these visuals, given the skew in favour of men that is rampant throughout the music and film industry. It felt important for a female’s perspective on love to be brought to life by a team of women. The visuals were shot over four days in Normandy, France.”

“Special and huge Thank You to Folkster, b.o.x Production, Léo Grandperret, Diego Forst, Le Normandy, Les Films du Periscope.”

BTS images of shiv by Julia Grandperret.

Watch the video for ‘The Love Interlude’ below:

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