Music / June 16, 2022

Premiere: The stars align for Tomike and 1000 Beasts on ‘It’s Like’ remix

Tomike, Credit: Press
Music / June 16, 2022

Premiere: The stars align for Tomike and 1000 Beasts on ‘It’s Like’ remix

Words: Dylan Murphy

In a collaboration that just makes sense, 1000 Beasts breathes new life into Tomike’s ‘It’s Like’.

Sometimes, great things are best left untouched. You’ve heard the story a million times – the sanctity of your favourite film is ruined with a cheap cash grab remake 20 years after the fact or a label tries to squeeze every bit of virality out of a song with endless remixes. It’s hard not to be cynical when pieces with such sentimental value get frankensteined on a regular basis. However, when done right, a thoughtful remix can breath new life into a track. It’s the case with 1000 Beasts’ remix of rising singer Tomike’s ‘It’s Like’.

The Cork producer has cemented himself as one of Ireland’s premiere collaborators in the past couple of years. With his debut album Naruda featuring the likes of April, Célia Tiab, April, Orla Gartland and more, he’s become Ireland’s music scene’s number 10, playing amongst the upper echelon of artists, facilitating some of their most interesting work and providing effortless assists. Meanwhile, Tomike’s stock has risen hugely in the past couple of years, becoming one of the most exciting voices in RnB and neo-soul in Ireland.

Ahead of the exclusive premiere of their new collaboration ‘It’s Like’ remix, we caught up with the pair to chat about the song’s inception.

How did the collaboration come together?

Tomike: The collaboration, was actually orchestrated through Body & Soul, Ive always knew I wanted to work with Cian as his production is right up my alley. So when Avril from Body & Soul suggested the collaboration on the remix for the film Eriu it was the perfect opportunity  to collab. 

Why did it feel right to rework the track?

1000 Beasts: I had heard of Tomike before this project and I was keen to work with her anyway so it was serendipitous when the opportunity then arose. I had a listen to some of her material but ‘It’s Like‘ really struck me. The production on the original is sublime but I wanted to take it in a much smoother & chill direction, leaning heavily into a neo-soul vibe.

Listen to ‘It’s Like’ remix below:

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