Music / April 11, 2023

Qbanaa Set for Headline Show at The Sound House

Music / April 11, 2023

Qbanaa Set for Headline Show at The Sound House

Words: Dray Morgan
Photo Credit: Kate Lawlor

The Irish-Cuban artist making a splash.

Based in Dublin, Qbanaa grew up travelling back and forth from Cuba where music and salsa dancing were integral parts of her childhood. Influenced by a blend of Soul, Jazz, Latin and Contemporary genres, her debut single ‘Truth and Desire‘ was released in October 2022.

“Truth and Desire” – Qbanaa’s critically acclaimed track and music video.

“The song was inspired by 1989 and 2008 movie The Little Mermaid” Qbanaa began  “I’m sure people will think ‘oh that’s a bit weird’. But if you look into it, there’s some insane soul and beautiful ethereal sounds in there that I took inspiration from. The movie is all about the unconditional nature of pure love, and the universal power of music, which really resonated with me growing up and carries the theme of Truth and Desire, it was the first thing I thought of when I opened the track.”

Qbanaa’s second release ‘Rise Above’ dropped February 2023 and is a two track EP collaboration with Dan Doherty.

Earning a reputation for her live performances, Q has founded Soul Juice – a jazz/Soul open mic in Dashi Smithfield. The event’s ethos is to build a community around the Jazz-fusion scene in Dublin and to showcase rising talent in the genre. Her upcoming Dublin headline show on April 28 in the Sound House features support from DeCarteret, Kayleigh Noble and queer collective, Strawberry DJs. 

“Of course we had to have an all female line up” she stated “I’m gonna make sure it’s a memorable one for you guys, expect lots of pretty colours, mushroomed and fairy vibes.”

Tickets start from 13.85 euro and are available now via Eventbrite.

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