General News / February 25, 2020

Quick-fire Questions: AMA

General News / February 25, 2020

Quick-fire Questions: AMA

Morning rituals, her addiction to Tetris and which artist she would have as Prime Minister.

West London singer AMA captured the imagination with her debut EP ‘Screenluv’. On the record she illustrated her vocal range, ear for a catchy hook and ability to flow effortlessly over glistening RnB-tinged instrumentals.

With a natural buzz emerging around AMA it’s understandable fans and contemporaries alike are keen to learn more about the young up-and-comer.

We had a quick catch up with AMA to find out her likes, dislikes, habits and aspirations for the future.

You are fighting in the octagon, what song do you walk out to ?
Rihanna Bitch better have my money.

What fact about you would surprise people?
I don’t like recording vocals lool, the actual writing and production process is my favourite part of making music.

What does retirement look like for you in the future?
Lord knowsss thats the last thing on my mind right now…but definitely having a family to take care of, being comfy and being able to give back.

What is your morning ritual?
A cup of tea with whatever is most interesting on my YouTube homepage.

What movie / video game has the best soundtrack?
I don’t really play video games but one film I watched recently with a fire soundtrack was queen and slim.

Finish this sentence: You should never ______

What is essential to have with you in the studio?
My phone, its currently what I am doing the majority of my writing on plus the voice memos are very useful.

What is the last thing you watched on netflix/youtube/tv?
Netflix – Southpark YouTube – Joe Budden podcast TV – love island.

What are you addicted to ?

You have your own talk show, who is your first guest?
Vince staples

You are headlining Glastonbury, what are your most outrageous rider requests?
Im a simple girl probably just super malt, pizza and lots of water, unless I’m on my healthy shit then a buffet with all things tasty and healthy.

The first album you bought?
Lemar – the truth about love.

You can choose one artist to head up the government and subsequently save the country, who is it?
Dave…an intellectual.


You can rock the stage with any act past or present, who are you choosing?
Travis Scottt, it’d be straight energy the whole time. I might have to take a time out to catch my breath but it definitely would be the most fun.

What is your pet hate?
What grates me the most often is probably when you’re about to get off the train and people on the platform don’t wait for you to get off and just start getting on (a really first world issue).

AMA’s second EP ‘Pixelheart’ drops 5 March.

Photo: Ciesay